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Hello from Wales. - Carers UK Forum

Hello from Wales.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is Mair, I am 48 yrs old currently caring for my mother who has Parkinsons and Alzeimers, also have an ex-employee of my husband's living with us (came to stay 'until the weather breaks', 22 years ago) he is 88yrs and has glucoma and arthritis. I have two grown up sons and a self-employed husband who's office I run from home. My recently divorced younger brother now lives with my mother but feels uncomfortable getting involved in her personal care. Mother stays with us four days and two nights weekly, I take her to a Day Centre once a week, then call to her house for some time on the other two days. Really starting to feel the strain with her lack of communication and lack of interest in every thing. Brian, my husband, currently home from work for six weeks after Angina treatment, so Albert who lives with us really feeling neglected, so now has every ache and pain known to man!
Welcome to the forum, Mair.

How do you find time to work for your husband? Image
Hi Mair,

Welcome to the forum.hope you feel right at home here and look forward to reading more from you.

Welcome to the forum Mair.

My Mum has glaucoma which has sadly robbed her of most of her sight and mobility, look forward to chatting with you soon.

Paula xx
Hello from Australia, Mair - I have lived in the UK many years ago and visited Wales and Cornwall, loved it all.
You have a lot on your plate - it puzzles me about the old gentlemen though - how come he has been taken on as your responsibility, when he is not family. Does he have no family of his own? You have enough to worry about with your mother's care - can you not find somewhere for this gentleman to be looked after? How do you find room for all these people in your house?
I don't know much about the aged care system in the UK but I would be looking at doing something about Albert, that's for sure.
Hello Mair, welcome to the forum. Friendly crowd here.
I live in wales too and am a carer for my mother .