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Hello from me - Carers UK Forum

Hello from me

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I did submit a post but think I must have done it wrong.

I have joined the forum tonight, I care for my mum with the help of agency carers, she has mental health problems and anxiety, this can be emotionally draining and I often feel quite overwhelmed with the responsibility. Having said that I have read some of your posts and consider myself quite lucky.

On another forum I have joined there is an introduction thread where newbies can get to hear about the regulars. Do you have such a thing on here?

Hi and welcome
Hi, welcome to the forum. I live on the South Coast, have a 34 year old son with learning difficulties and a frail elderly mum. They each live in their own homes, son is 14 miles away, mum is 6 miles away, both have regular paid carers but there are loads of things that they say they can't do, which end up with me!
Hi and welcome.
I care for my mum too.
We have ''roll call'' on this forum which is in members corner, it's where we all have a little chat etc;
You would be very welcome to join us there!
Hi kaycee
I care for my husband with an acquired brain injury - epilepsy and cognitive problems - and I work part-time. As india says, most of us can be found on roll call which is in the members corner. This is where we chat about our day and all sorts of other things - the weather, our pets, kilts, lorries, outings and typos amongst other things - share good and bad news - offer hugs - cry and laugh with each other. Do come and join us.
Hi Kaycee...warm welcome from me too! Your post is In the New Members section which is a good starting point as others will look in and welcome you too.

Have a look around the other sections - Roll Call in the Members section is quite a good place to "meet" others,its a place where others pop in to talk about their day etc and share thoughts and concerns. There are lots of different sections overall on this forum...just join in where and when you like! Good to have you on board!

Bell x
Welcome to the forum, Kaycee. It's not always easy caring for a parent - hope you'll find it helpful being here.

I have 3 adult children on the autistic spectrum, 1 of whom lives in supported living accommodation.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Hi and welcome I also am new to the forum
Morning & Welcome to the Forum Image
What lovely welcomes. I am off to Roll Call to have a look around.