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Hello from new carer in Staffs - Carers UK Forum

Hello from new carer in Staffs

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I've just given up job to concentrate on looking after partner (she has severe Endometriosis as well as other illnesses), plus also to work on our relationship, as working full time as well as caring was physically and mentally destroying me, and in turn my family, who mean more to me than any job or amount of money. The changes since giving up work are already starting, I'm calmer (although I've been diagnosed with Clinical Depression), and I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

I must admit to feeling guilty about having to claim benefits, as I've worked all my life, and at the moment feel like a scrounger, sponging of the state.

I know its not going to be a bed of roses, but as my partner and me now have time to communicate again, instead of me being home for 2 hours a night, in which i'd eat, snap everyones head off, and sleep, and pretend my partners illness wasn't there, then perhaps she'll forgive my selflessness.

It's probably gonna be a long road, but we're taking the first steps on what should be a memorable journey.
Welcome, Man on MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat?)

Your post reads like someone who knows with great certainty they have made the right decision. When your memorable journey (like every journey) is less than comfortable, you will remember that, it will get you back onto the smoother road.

Do not feel guilty about claiming benefits - all your working life, you have been paying tax and NI so that the funds were there for others who needed it then. Now it is your turn.

I wish you and your partner good luck, and improving health.
No scrounging involved in giving up earnings to scrape a living off benefits, whilst saving the government tons of money.

Welcome to the forum - man on mountain bike?

If so, keep fit for me. I'm well past it!
Hi Man on MTB (put us out of our misery, what does it stand for Image Image )

Welcome to the forum - I gave up work 5 years ago to look after my Mum full time and I felt exactly the same about living on benefits but I'd worked from being 16 to 39 without a break so I felt I'd contributed enough to the state to claim a bit back, I just wish they were a bit more generous with carers considering what we're saving the government Image

Paula xx
Charles47 is winner, MTB means mountain bike. I think the adrenalin of extreme mountain biking helps with the pressure and stress, apparently some sort of chemical is released in brain that eases stress. Its just so totally weird not getting up for work, I think our house has world's cleanest kitchen and bathroom, and the Mrs is compiling an ever growing list of things that I have promised to do every weekend, I swear we have world's fastest growing lawns. Then again it's good knowing I'm here for her now, and not dreading the phone ringing at work. Unfortunately it looks like she may have M.E as well as Endometriosis, at least she doesn't support WBA, I can cope with anything accept that Image