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Hello from a newbie - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Hello from a newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Definitely speak to your Macmillan nurse. They have seen it all before and will be familiar with your worries.

Are there any friends/relative/neighbours who could come and sit with Mum for a short while so you can get out for a coffee/change of scene on a more regular basis? Might help with the feeling of isolation? I had some special times with my Aunt when she was terminally ill, so relatives/friends might relish a bit of time to spend with her alone?

Mum DOESN'T mean what she says. Please know that. You have doing and AMAZING job. it might be that the time has/will come when you can't do it all any more. And there is no shame in that. Definitely try and find the time to have a look at the hospice as possible as it might be a better option than you think. But ultimately only you know how you and your family feel about this.
Mum does know what a wonderful daughter you are being. I am sure her frustration is at her situation rather than with you.
If I were in her shoes I would just be wanting to get it over and done with too :cry:

Do speak the Macmillan/ hospice. They will understand that what you could cope with and do for a few weeks may not the same as you can do for several weeks or months, especially if you have left your home and hubby behind.
Whatever you do make no promises other than to ensure Mum gets what she needs. It's a sad enough situation without adding guilt of broken (but totally unrealistic) promises into the mix

If you are dwelling on the future without her, yes your life will change but there was nothing you could do to stop her disease and each of us must pass in turn. We cannot keep loved ones for ever. You are doing great job right now, no one could ask for more.