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My Husband won't get a social work Assesment. For six months - Carers UK Forum

My Husband won't get a social work Assesment. For six months

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
We have had a telephone assessment from social services but when I rang to see when someone is coming they said about six months.
How are we expected to cope with no break is beyond me.
Just want a bit of time to myself.
Don't think it will ever happen.
There are no legal time limits within which an assessment should be carried out which can lead to problems with delay in assessments being carried out.

The law says that where there are no set time limits for compliance then the matter should be done within a ‘reasonable time’. What is reasonable will then depend on the facts of the case and it may be possible to make a complaint against a Trust for unreasonable delay or even to complain to the Ombudsman on the grounds of maladministration, if the delay is excessive.

( Eh , excuse me , squire , what do the words REASONABLE and EXCESSIVE mean in PLAIN ENGLISH ... 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 months ... a year ??? )

Most Trusts have adopted a priority scheme for assessments and will have criteria to measure how quickly you need to be assessed. However, there are often long delays in obtaining assessments.

As a guide, Trusts should ensure that older people with continuing care needs should:

Wait no longer than eight weeks for assessment to be completed
Have the main components of their care needs met within a further twelve weeks

Failure to Assess

It would be very difficult to know how to meet your needs without first assessing what those needs are. Therefore, any refusal of a request for an assessment for services could leave the Trust open to litigation.

Hardly any consultation , Denise ?

A request for an URGENT Needs Asessment , perhaps ... would that need to join the existing queue ?

Even a complaint to that Onbudsman ... three months backlog there as I type !

The Care Act !

Yep ... it's on the statute book ... but not in the real world ???

Trouble is , it's like the wild west out there ... post code lotteries only add to the mayhem ... and body count.
The Ombudsman has said that they should be completed within a month.

Denise, the LA will have a dedicated Complaints Officer at their HQ. Have a look at the LA website. In Hampshire, I can complaint to Adult Services online. Also ring the Director of Social Services office.
At least a whole host of " Freedom of Information " requests have been launched across the whole of the UK ... for the average waiting time within an LA.

I bet his / hers fingertips are really sore !

No news of a summary of the findings out there ... so far.

If ever published , short odds on them making " Depressing " reading ... the word SCANDALOUS also springs to mind ... depending
on whether you read a broadsheet or a tabloid ?
Depressing isn't it?
He was promised continuing OT on discharge from hospital. Three months later no news so I rang the ward to see what HD happened. The referral was never made bt they sorted that out. quickly.
Most of the time you cope with this caring lark but sometimes you just feel you are on your own. Oh well Onwards and upwards.
Oh well Onwards and upwards

Now , that would be a very welcomed change of direction for most reading this thread.

I truly hope so , Denise.
I suppose I regard myself lucky compared to many.
My Husband had an Hypoxic brain injury but he is mobile and there is potential for improvement.
I have put my all in to continuing his rehabilitation at home and get great joy from his improvements but it has come at the cost of taking over my life. We all know that one but at least I don't have to do every task for him.
It would be great to be able to go out for a few hours without having to constantly worry what he is up to but have had no support from social services is such a cop out.
I miss my job and having to cope on little money and I moan a lot 😁
Denise, are you sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to?
I miss my job and having to cope on little money and I moan a lot

Now , most readers will relate to that one compared with the last one ?
Time to unleash that trusty old online benefits calculator ?


A financial m.o.t. ... everything out there currently being claimed ?

Even a potential Council Tax discount ?