Hello from a Newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
im a carer and had no idea about the forums until i came across it after i had posted on another website and im so pleased i did.
Im a carer to my 18 year old son who has ADHD living with this can be very hard and frustrating at times , we have good days and bad but tomorrow is always a new day to start again
Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum.
Is your son "high functioning" or does he have learning difficulties as well? Does he usually attend college? I used to dread holidays. Would you like him to move into residential college? I found this really helped my son, who also has LD as they could keep him going non stop, something one person on her own can never do!

Thanks for your reply i guess he is classed as high functioning his main problems are concentration anger and not doing anything he is asked to do thats down to his ODD as well

He got kicked out of college for his behavior only doing what he wanted to do and now he is trying to find work. He seems to be getting help from the job centre.

I have had many problems over the years with him and i took him out of school and home schooled him because he wasnt getting the help and support he needed. he was going to school and spending his days outside in the corridor and this was doing 0 for his confidence .

Being a single parent i find it extremely hard to cope with and not having no real support.

Because he is now 18 years old its a lot harder because he makes his own decisions and they are not thought out at all . he came to me last night told me he was going to germany his friend was paying. I told him my opinion but its his choice so weather he goes i have no idea .. sorry for going on a bit