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Hello from a newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Thanks again to you all.
I am beginning to understand more about Lewy bodies now like I had to learn about Parkinson's. I am very fortunate in one respect that our daughter has nursed patients with Dementia so talks to Neil when he is getting mixed up.
Lewy bodies has been mentioned in passing by different Neurologists but he had never had hallucinations before or the paranoia so I guess it was put to the back burner
The most important thing is to get a definite diagnosis, which I feel I already know, then we can adjust our lives. I am hoping it is not too long before we see the mental health team again, really hoping it is before we see the neurologist at Neil's next appointment at the end of November. Sending soft hugs to you all. Norma. X
Hi Norma that is fab you having your daughter for so much support added bonus she has knowledge of Dementia having worked within this field just to let you know it was actually the Neurologist whom diagnosed my hubby with this condition not the memory clinic he was actually fantastic he came out to greet us and while showing us to his room he watched hubby the way he walked etc all the time they have been great even when i am unsure about things in connection with the memory clinic i have spoke to the Neurologist secretary and she has been fab in helping me and getting my queries answered by the Neurologist himself oh and reason hubby going through the memory clinic is to get certain medications sorted and you are spot on when it comes to having that little inkling yourself about what's wrong but yes it makes a total difference actually getting that final diagnosis because you do know for definite what your dealing with and how to go forward :) Hoping all go's well take care xx
Hi all.
Good day today you wouldn't think anything was wrong with Neil.
It seems that Lewy bodies is a big deceiver"
I watched a few videos last night and learned a lot from the those living with Lewy bodies and their carers.
Thank you Susan for your last message it's much appreciated.
Hugs all round. By the way we are from Cumbria. X
Hi Norma yes you totally hit the nail on the head there Lewy Body Dementia is very deceiving and needs a lot of researching on your own behalf :? just to know where everything is coming from even if for your own sanity i am learning all the time my sister works in the system so i have had added help but i do feel sorry for those who have no one :( So hoping they may join the forum and get that much needed help :idea: We are from the North East so not to far apart :lol: xx