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Hello from a new member - Carers UK Forum

Hello from a new member

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, my name's Judi. I care for my disabled husband, Brian. We live in Cornwall with our teenage son and rescue dog, Roxy. I work full time too. I sometimes find it rather draining juggling everything and having to manage everything. Brian is wonderful, he hardly ever complains and does try to make sure that I get 'me' time but, like any carer, I'm on call 24/7. My manager is very good and knows my situation so there's never a problem if I need to leave early for hospital appointments,etc.

One thing I have been very struck by (when I've been reading posts) is how understanding you all are! it almost seems as though I don't need to try and explain, you understand already that being a carer is not romantic, 'selfishly giving of yourself for someone else's needs' (as I've been told!) nor is it all about cooling hot foreheads and murmuring 'there,there' (if it ever was!!). You all seem to be there for each other too. So I'd like to thank you all for being so understanding.

I look forward to making new friends here. Judi
Welcome aboard Judi.

Having read some of the posts,just jump in on any that interest you. If something you would like to discuss, start a thread of your own too. Like you said, people here understand and always there for each other.
Look forward to reading more from you

Hello Judi welcome to the forum Image
Another welcome for you and I hope your time on the forum is a big help for you. You hit the nail on the head when you say that everyone understands.... they do, they're all going through it/been through it and nothing helps more than that.

Hope to speak to you again soon
Hi Judi and welcome Image
We all care for those with many different problems, but the one thing about caring is we all know where everyone else is coming from, 'cos we have been there too!
And 10 - 1 if you haven't, you will, so we celebrate good fortune, commiserate with bad, learn from and support each other Image
So jump in anywhere and be sure of being welcome Image
Welcome from me, too. Great thread this one, and I hope you will have fun posting on it, and have some well deserved cheering up

mrsblint Image
Hello and welcome Image
Thank you all for such a lovely warm welcome. I have been feeling a bit down, what with one thing and another, but just knowing that there are people like you who understand is a great big help! Thank you all.
Hello and welcome

Lots of lovely people on here to help and support you

Thank you, Bluebird. what a lovely name for yourself!