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Another Newbie Joining......Hi There - Carers UK Forum

Another Newbie Joining......Hi There

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello there,
Not much of an into below I've written... sounds more like a vote for sympathy....lol Image
I hope everyone is well tonight and gets all the rest they can, when they can!!
After a number of years working in the Information, Advice & Guidance role for Carers and having brought up my two children practically on my own, whilst managing a home and a Career. I thought i had some knowledge and experience of life. But nothing could prepare me for the night a few weeks ago; whilst caring for my Mum as i simply (i thought Image ) looking after after her recent dose of radiotherapy, She collapsed in my arms in the middle of the night.
However, turns out after a very difficult night & being rushed to hospital and a few days of tests she'd actually had a TIA and had previously had an unknown one. Now my life suddenly involved a daily driving up and down the Motorway from my home to hers with washing & supplies, whilst being present for medics...and still trying to maintain a home life with my bewildered children ..Oh and Work when possible.
A whole new episode of my life has now begun as a Carer...can i take that advice i've been offering for so long to others time will tell... but so far i can't.... A friedn has already told me I am not a robot and need to rest, No time for that i feel like the day is too short! Thanks to some excellent friends and colleagues who listen to my endless rantings about whats happening or already not happening for my mum...I am already starting to wonder when they will tire of it all?
Take Care
Chris xx
Hi Christina and welcome to the forum.

It does come as a shock doesn't it - even when you think you are prepared !

Don't worry about friends getting tired of you ranting - we'll take all the rants you want to have and won't get bored - I promise Image

And yur friend is so right - you MUST look after yourself (and, yes I know it's not easy) - if you collapse then who will look after your Mum ? It's as simple as that really.
Hi Christina, welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you've got a lot going on, but sounds like you're coping well with it.
Yeah, I got sick of people telling me I need to take care of myself Image Hm. Easier said than done right? But is there any support you are getting? Care workers or anything from social services? I know it's not ideal and I've not met many people who feel comfortable with care workers or even for asking for help. I think the general rule goes that the harder you're working, the less inclined you are to ask for help Image That's how it works for me anyway. But in the long run, it's best to get any support that's available and that's appropriate.

Apart from that, I agree with Suzie - we'll take the rants. That's one of the good things about this forum, we're all carers and we understand what it's like and we share a lot of the same feelings that come with caring. So feel free to jump in any time you like or ask away of you have a question.
Good to have you here, BB
Hello and welcome from a fellow ranter.

Take care
Hello and welcome Chris

Im pretty new here too but have found the forums useful and supportive. Im sure you'll get some encouragement here and a place to let off steam.

Debbie x
hi Christina and welcome Image
Hi Chris welcome to the forum from me too!!!! Image

It's not easy being a carer especially when you have to juggle between work and bringing up a family. People who don't do it have no idea what goes on with our daily lives Image Although i am retired i did my share for 6yrs looking after my mum with dementia....and now i am caring for my hubby who has (COPD) AND THAT IS NOT EASY EITHER !!!!! Image But we do our best!!!!!

Take care Eve xx Image
Morning All, thankyou so much for your welcome messages and supportive comments, I'm sorry I have not yet responded but I haven't been on the laptop since last week because i have now developed shingles Image Can't believe it at a time when I need as much energy as possible I have been struck down. I can't visit my Mum because of her immune vulnerability and my exhaustion is all over the place. Hence the early morning message.
i shall take the opportunity to read through some of the other message boards.
Take care
Chris x
Oh Chris so sorry to hear that! I hope the worst passes quickly and you're not in too much pain with it.

big hug xxx