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help needed please

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looking for advice please. I am a carer for my mum who suffers from COPD we live in an area that is surrounded by motorways and busy roads. her health is getting worse and has more bad days than good days we have identified it is certain times of the day I.e. lots of traffic around and weather pending too. in the past when we have visited family in Southampton or been on holiday to wales her health picks up and she generally can do most things whilst there. is there any help out there that could help us move to improve her quality of life?
Hi Kathleen
Welcome to the forum. I can't answer your question but was wondering if you had looked into air purifiers and filters. I don't know if they would help at all but I know when I was looking at heaters Dyson make a fancy one that is supposed to help clean the air.
Hi henrietta
No I haven't actually but she does have a big oxygen machine that helps her when its bad. will have a look at one heard your meant to keep all doors and windows shut with one of those is that true?
Maybe keep all the doors and windows shut to keep out the "bad" air, and buy an air conditioner for her bedroom?
Hi Kathleen
Am I right in thinking that you and Mum do not own the property you currently live in so it's not a case of selling up and moving?
I'm sure it's true that sea or mountain air would help Mum. However you also, I suspect, would want to be within reach of hospitals and medical help in case of need. Some of the best locations for her would also be miles away from the nearest hospital. I grew up in Pembrokeshire and the nearest hospital was an hour's country drive away. Not good for attending or visiting. I have family who live in Salford and Prestwich and I once lived in Ramsbottom and worked in Bacup. That kind of area isn't so traffic heavy. Any chance of relocating in Rawtenstall for example? Sorry if I'm talking rubbish here. Just trying to think of the area around you which might be less polluted.
Hi Elaine
Thank you for replying.
Yes we're in private property hence why can sell up and move. To behonest I was thinking more down that way as I have more family that way that could help out more for me so I could get a bit of my life back sounds selfish that dont mean it too. Yes you make a valid point I am going to have to make sure I'm close enough to hospital doctors etc that didn't actually cross my mind. We live in Irlam and have doctors not far and are about 15mins from a hospital altho I waited 45mins for an ambulance to turn up last time I needed one x
Well, that sounds like a plan then Kathleen. Why not get a few free valuations from your local estate agents and start getting some idea of house prices further out from Manchester area? Closer to family and some life back sounds like an excellent idea to me. Your relatives could keep an eye out for you too. Something positive to do and look into will cheer you up as well.
Go for it.
Hi Elaine
Hope your well this evening?! Yes that's the hope we are going through a bit of a rough patch at the minute mum has infection on her leg which which is being treated with antibiotics but is effecting her breathing so hopefully few more days then she will pick up. I feel so awful but i don't think family realise how bad she is or how quickly it can change. Best wishes Katie x
Hi Katie, is the GP aware the infection is affecting her breathing? I had cellulitis soon after major knee surgery, was very nearly admitted, ended up with two different lots of antibiotics to take orally, at the same time AND daily injections at the hospital. So if mum doesn't seem to be getting better, be sure to call the doctor for further advice.
Hi bowlingbun
The nurses are in daily but nit sure if the doctors are aware of this will check with her keyworker nurse tomorrow as she was speaking to the doctors today so will ask what the outcome was. Thank you just hope it's sorted soon x