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Hello everyone... - Carers UK Forum

Hello everyone...

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is Tony, I'm 62 and live in Bournemouth with my wife Sandie. For most of my working life I was involved in the furniture removal industry. This included moving 9' concert grand pianos for some of the major orchestras. Prior to that I delivered Marley sectional buildings (before the days of HIABs and the like).
Unbeknown to me I was suffering from degenerative disc disease and all this lifting took a heavy toll on my back. At the age of 46 I became very disabled after a minor accident and ended in a wheelchair. My wife became my carer and dutifully pushed me around, helped me dress and bathe. Sadly 4 years ago she fell badly and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with Poly Rheumatoid Arthritis, this spread like wildfire and has left her very disabled, even after both knees were replaced.
I decided that I could no longer use a wheelchair and worked hard to get myself mobile enough to get around on my own. I lost 3 stone and certainly that was a help. Now we care for each other which can be fun, especially if we're both having a 'bad day'. One of the things that upset me most was that after I gave up the wheelchair some people (family included) accused me of faking my illness. It still gets me down at times. However Sandie says I should be proud of the fact that I overcame some of the problems and managed to move on.
I've read many of the posts on the forum and am glad to have joined a great group of people. I especially liked the jokes topic. Hope to contribute to that sometime.
Best wishes
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Hi Tony,
Welcome to the forum!
I certainly admire you're strength and courage. I hear so many stories of people giving up when it all gets too much but you've managed to conquer your own illness/disability AND look after your wife. Ignore those mean spirited people who said hurtful things.
I hope you've been able to enjoy the lovely sea air and sunshine today.
Best wishes to you and Sandie.
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Hello Tony

Welcome to the forum!

I agree with CB. You have my admiration of what you have acheived and also how you as a couple have managed to cope and care for one another, its really touching! There will always be people who will sit in judgement, I have learn't to just ignore such people!

I have been to Bournemouth many times, What a lovely place it is.

Glad to have you join us, looking forward to your posts.

Take care
Maryann x
Welcome to the forum Tony.

Look forward to hearing about you and Sandie, you live in a beautiful part of the world. I'm glad you like the jokes thread, we all need a laugh from time to time - feel free to contribute, the dafter the better!

Take care.

Paula xx
Hi Tony

People don't understand because they haven't been there. Pain is something that affects the mind as well as the body, and what you've done took courage and determination.

Look forward to hearing some of your jokes.