Hello everyone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am a carer working currently in nursing home .
Hello Andre,

The Carers UK Forum is a forum set up by Carers UK to support and advise those caring for friends and/or family in an unpaid non-professional capacity.

Unfortunately I don't know of anything similar for registered caring professionals to point you towards.
Andre, we do get professional care workers here from time to time, looking, as you are doing, for a space for yourselves - which, as Susie says, alas, for you this is not designed to be so.

BUT, that does of itself cry out that there is clear demand for a Care-Workers' Forum. If perhaps you could set one up (there are various 'umbrella forums' available on the Internet that allow interest groups to form forums within (usually password protected etc - I believe The Big Tent is one such you might check out), then that would provide what is clearly wanted by you, and others in your profession.

If we, here, on Carers UK (which is for family, ie, unpaid,non-professional carers) (though a few of us are also part-time professional carers - it's our skill set after all!), knew of a forum for Care-Workers UK (!), then when professionals such as your self arrived her we could 'forward them on' to their own specialist forum.

Hope that helps a bit - why not give it a go and set up such a forum? It's clearly needed.

Good luck - and never forget how grateful we 'amateurs' are for professionals - we'd go insane with caring otherwise (Well, I definitely wood!)
André _1801 wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:20 pm
I am a carer working currently in nursing home .

Good to hear this ! keep the good work :D