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Help with carers allowance

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Hi everyone I am struggling at the moment at home. I have a disabled husband and a boy with ADHD and learning difficulties. And to top it off on 31/3/2014 my daughter was rushed in to hospital and diagnosed diabetic. I am struggling to look after them all and find out what help I can get. I get carers allowance for my son. And some one told me I could get my husband to claim carers allowance for my daughter. But I am scared if he does that we will loose the help he gets which is high mobility indefinitely and middle care and ESA. i am finding it all hard at the moment and can't sleep or shut off so was hoping someone on here could help with some advice on benefits or any other help
Thanks for reading xx
Dear Nicky

I'm so sorry to hear of these multiple problems for you and your family - that is very, very hard to cope with.

I don't know myself about the rules and regulations in respect of things like Carer's Allowances and so on, but lots of forum members here do, and I'm sure they'll be here very soon as the forum gets busier in the evening.

You could also drop an email to the Carers UK helpline - that is the usual recommendation, rather than phoning, as the lines are often engaged. The experts at CUK always do reply to the emails, but it may take a day or two.

Wishing you all the best that can be had - kind regards, Jenny
Hi Nicky and welcome,

I agree with Jenny, it's best to check with the helpline, they know all the rules and regs and may even be able to advise you what else your family could be claiming or accessing.

It sounds like you have a very heavy caring load, do you get any practical help?

Hi Nicky, welcome to the forum. I've also been a multiple carer, it's really difficult. The key is to get as much help as you can, practical help from Social Services, and financial help from DWP. Social Services should do an up to date "Needs Assessment" for husband and son, and a "Carers Assessment" for you. What is the nature of your husband's disability? I have a 36 year old son with SLD, who now lives away from home most of the time. How old is your son?