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Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:11 pm
by Blue Mermaid
Thanks Bowlingbun. Something to look into in the future. Not sure what Mum's toileting regime is going to be yet, as I haven't looked after her for 3 months and she's deteriorated whilst in hospital.

When I asked if your Mum got it, I meant did your mum manage to get CHC funding in the past?

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:01 pm
by bowlingbun
My mum was never granted CHC when she was alive. 48 hours before she died I finally managed to persuade the GP to put in the fast track claim, but the form wasn't filled in properly so initially, it was ignored. It took 6 months of me nagging them to decide that mum should have been granted CHC for those 2 days (as long as I send my passport, utility bills etc). I've appointed a solicitor to deal with the retrospective claim, quite frankly I can't cope with any more stress (I also have a son with SLD).

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:42 pm
by Blue Mermaid
That's awful Bowlingbun. So sorry you had to go through all that on top of everything else. This certainly is a cruel world at times.

Wishing you lots of luck with winning retrospectively.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:43 pm
by Blue Mermaid
Thinking of you Henrietta and your dad's discharge tomorrow.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:28 pm
by Henrietta
Thanks Blue Mermaid

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 4:34 pm
by Henrietta
Hi Blue Mermaid
How are things with your mum? Is she still in rehab or do you have her back home?
Dad is back and I have had a mixed bag of carers so far, some very good and one that seemed a waste of space . Previously I was paying for 2 one hour help sessions in the kitchen and I am missing those. The 3 x half hour apts I'm getting this week don't seem to understand the concept of having a bit of clear up. They are suppose to be there to get Dad in and out of clothes, bed and to bathroom, but he gets himself in andout of bed and to bathroom and been in PJS all week. They can't get away fast enough and some are gone after about 11 minutes.
The hardest thing for me to deal with this week is the smell. Dad has an infected would and the smell in his room I can only describe as putrifying flesh. I rush in , open the patio door and gasp, then as soon as I leave he shuts it again. It is a really gagging smell, so I am not able to even sit and talk to Dad at the moment. D/Ns are coming daily now to dress it and awaiting referral next week.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:05 pm
by Blue Mermaid
Hi Henrietta

Oh God, that sounds awful! Poor you!

Did he have the infection before he left the hospital? They shouldn't have discharged him with such an infection, surely? I know what they're like though. What they call 'medically fit for discharge' is very different to what any sane person would call it!

Sorry about the carers too. Makes me even more apprehensive than I am already. Have you had a word with the agency involved?

Thanks for asking after our situation. Mum is still in rehab. I phoned the CHC worker on Thursday, as I hadn't heard anything further. She said there was going to be a decision on which agency they were going to use by the end of that day. Didn't hear anything on Friday, so I guess we'll hear early next week. Don't know if she got it right but it sounds like they've added some more hours. She said, live in carer, plus 4 visits a day from 2 carers, (previously, she said a morning and evening visit, with 1 carer to back up the live-in one. So don't know which is correct yet).

Equipment was delivered. Bed doesn't look bad for a hospital bed. Everything fitted in the dining room. Stressed out about the mattress. First it was the wrong one. Then the right one turned out to be rock hard. So, might be getting the first one back again! Need to try out Mum's one in hospital to compare. Not that Mum likes that one but I think the rock hard one is going to make her pain even worse. It gave me back ache just trying it out for 20 mins and there's nothing wrong with my back!

Good luck with getting your dad's wound infection sorted at the hospital. Is it the pressure sore you were referring to before? Sounds really nasty. Good luck with getting the carer situation sorted as well. I'm so nervous about what ours are going to be like.

All the best.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:43 pm
by Henrietta
Hi Blue Mermaid
I hope I am not putting you off. Maybe I am being unfair on the carers. On the plus side I think they are all nice people, but under too much pressure to cut corners and make up time. My father saying he is fine and doesn't need the commode /toilet or want a walk is his own worst enemy. I need someone with time on their hands and persuasive powers to get him engaging in some way. I think I need to be careful how I handle it as I don't want to upset the agency prior to any meeting. If anything I need to turn the tables and bring out how difficult my father is to handle. Assuming the worst and that no funding will be forthcoming, I can review things later. I believe the agency I work for are better in many ways but I am reluctant to be both empoloyee and emplyer of the same agency.
The smell from the infection is much less potent today so I am hopeful the antibiotics are working. I didn't notice the strong stench on Monday when Dad came home, it was more Tuesday/Wed/Thurs so perhaps it was still brewing on discharge day. Yes the previous "pressure sore" according to the hospital is an infected "skin tear" recorded by D/N on the morning before he was admitted to hospital in the evening.
It sounds like your mum's mattress is the same type as Dad's- made up of large firm foam blocks. It is difficult to see how it helps pressure sores but there is obviously some science behind it. At least Dad has been able to go to bed since he came home so the pain is being managed better at the moment.
It sounds as though your mum will be well provided for. You will need to make up a rota between yourself and the live in , possibly usuing the extra pair of hands when they come in so you both have some quality me time for rest and sleep.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:29 pm
by Blue Mermaid
Hi again Henrietta

I think you are wise not to complain at this stage. I forgot that you hadn't had a meeting with the agency yet.

The situation sounds typical of the news stories. Carers rushing from client to client, poorly paid and not enough time to get things done.

The agency I favoured doesn't do live in carers unfortunately. I don't know if they'll be using 2 different agencies.

It's good you know the caring business from both sides. Gives you a unique understanding of everything. I did wonder about you using carers from the agency you work for but thought, like you, that could prove awkward, especially, if you needed to complain about anything.

So glad to read the wound was less potent today and hopefully, improving with the ab's. Typical that it got really bad once your dad was home. If it's not one thing it's another!

The second mattress (one that's here now) is called Dyna Form Mercury Advance. It does have some thick foam but also has the air flow alternating cells on top (the advantage of the thick foam is if patient improves, you can use as normal mattress without the air alternating system). I call them speed humps, as they look a bit like those in the road! The controls have a low and high pressure setting. I have it set on low, which is supposed to be for lighter patients but it still feels extremely hard to me and I am the same build as Mum.

The first one they sent was the Park House Healthcare Elite (am I allowed to say product names here?). This is same make as one Mum has in hospital. Less foam, so mostly air. She doesn't like it but she says it's not hard. I wish I'd tried the Elite one out when it was here, so I could have compared properly. The good thing about that one was the controls had different weight settings, rather than just high or low pressure. The lowest weight setting was 40 kg. Mum was a little less than that last time she was weighed but very close to that.

That's great that your dad has been able to use the bed since he came home. Did they alter/change his pain meds? It's good the mattress isn't making his pain worse if it's as firm as the one here at the moment. They've altered Mum's Oramorph to 3 times a day. She was in terrible pain when I was there on Thur evening. I asked if she could have some but then found out it wasn't being given 2-4 hourly when required anymore. She'd only had one dose that day though, so they agreed to give her some in the end. I wonder if they'll prescribe the patch at home. The GP here mentioned it a few months ago. I wonder if it works as well though and if patients develop a tolerance after a while and then need a higher dose. I think you said your dad has the patch?

I think both Mum and I have forgotten what sleep is! You would have thought I would have caught up on it after 3 months, (actually, it will be 4 months in Aug since Mum was first admitted to hospital) but I'm still only sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night, which is nowhere near enough for me with my own illness. It would be such bliss to have a full nights sleep. Poor Mum hardly sleeps at all though.

I hope the live in carer won't take advantage and expect me to do most of the work. As you say, a rota could help. Otherwise, she could assume this is going to be a cushy job with me being here all the time and the 4 care visits a day as well. Of course, will depend on how dedicated she is to her work.

Re: Hello everyone

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:39 am
by Henrietta
Hi Blue Mermaid

Sounds like you need to lay some firm ground rules for the carer, and tell her from the off what her duties will be and how you will structure your week to give her some time out. Don't start out with the mentality of sharing everything. If you like her then you can be more flexible but sounds like you need ot improve your sleep as s oon as you can.

Dad had Oramorph before hospital and was on the first day of a 25 mcl patch plus Dyhydracodeine plus paracetamol and was still in pain.
The hospital reduced the patch down to 12 mcl, took him off the Dyhydracodeine and left him on patch plus paracetamol. They gave him some Oxycodone in liquid form which I believe is another Opiate like Oramorph but only when needed. Since he got home he hasn't needed it. I think his back pain although cronic, flares up some times and now is a good spell. Typical while he is being assessed and just what I was expecting. Next week it could be excruciating again and we will be back where we started.
Dad is a lot more with it now he is off the Dydracodeine and the Oramorph. Both were causing confusion.