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Newby - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi my name is Keith i have been looking after my wife for 10 years she has brain damage due to swelling around the brain while in a diabetic coma.
The last 12 months has been really bad she has deteriorated a lot, an MRI scan has revealed a lot more damage. The doctors now suspect MS she needs a lumbar puncture to confirm. I can manage all the physical stuff but its really beginning to do my head in watching her get worse.
Enough whingeing for now i'll do some more later. Image
Hi Keith. Welcome from me. Sorry to hear about your wife. Hope you get lots of good advice on here. I have a similar problem to you with my husband. I know how you feel. Image
Welcome to the forum, Keith.

Have a good look around the site - lots of information here.
welcome keith im a newby here too you will find a very warm welcome and loads of info from like minded people who know what you are going through
Morning keith,good to have you join us.

x x x

Hi there

I care for mum 24/7. She has Advanced Alzheimers & other problems. Like yourself & lots of others carers who post, I find that although the physical aspect of caring is extremely hard work
and tiring, the emotional effects on ourselves are equally (if not more) as tiring and wearing.

I have used the phrase "its doing my head in watching this horrible thing eating away at mams brain and seeing her deteriorate almost daily.

Whatever reasons we all care for our carees we do it because we love them and its for the same reason that we feel like we do and keep going.

I dont post very often but read the postings daily and know that there is always knowledge to be gained and support to be got.

Best wishes n keep your chin up.

Hi, I'm new here too, and have found loads of help and support here. I think that the beauty of this site is that it helps us to realise that we are not alone and that there are others out there who are going through the same thing. Image
Hello and welcome from me too Keith!