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Hello everyone - Carers UK Forum

Hello everyone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi folks,This is my first post on here and i just want to say how good it is to find somewhere where i can share my thoughts and emotions with others who truly understand the good and not so good times caring for someone who is the most important person in your life, and how much it hurts to see them suffer with the horrible disease dementia and you are always asking why must this happen to her when she is such an angel.
Hey Tony,

Welcome to carersUK, the place where Carers vent their frustrations Image.

As my caree doesnt suffer from dementia I cannot relate to what you and others for your respective caree's what you do is amazing Image

All the best

Alex Robinson
Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forum.Hope you find the information on the site of benefit to you.

Hello Tonytucks

I am the sole carer for my mum who has advanced Alzheimers disease and other problems. I sure can relate to how you feel about demetia. Its a cruel and wicked disease.

It breaks my heart to see mum deteriorating almost daily.

I read the postings daily. Theres lots of advise and support

Take care

Hi Tony

Welcome. I know it might seem a bit daunting at first but don't be afraid to stick your oar in! People here are a friendly bunch (mostly!) but I can't vouch for us staff!

All the best

Matt Hill
(I work at Carers UK)
Welcome to the forum Tony - we lost both my aunt and uncle to dementia so I do know how distressing it is for the family, the only person she knew was my Mum but sadly my Mum's blind and my aunt couldn't understand why she couldn't see her.

Pop in when you can, there's usually someone around for a chat.

Take care