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Hello Everybody! - Carers UK Forum

Hello Everybody!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Just stopping by here first to say Hello.
I have been caring for my mother for about 6 years now, but only have been able to, hopefully, get Carers allowance after this stupid government finally realised my mum is entitled to a higher rate DLA..after years of fighting.
Just a quick welcome to the forum from me Coolchris, it's nice to see another Northerner - Mum & I are not far from you, we're in Rotherham!

Well done for finally getting your Mum's CA, it's disgraceful we have to fight for every benefit as carers.

Look forward to hearing more about you and your dear Mum.

Take care

Paula xx
Hi Paula. Cheers. Im actually in Bolton on Dearne if youve heard of it. Little Village, although it seems to be growing everyday.
Yer, really pees me off especially when you see all these fakers getting the money straight away. It seems that if you arent disabled, the DSS or whatever they call themselves now, give out money left right and centre and the REAL disabled are put through hell to prove they are entitled to it.
Anyway, rant over, LOL.
BTW..Im a bloke..42 looking after my mum who is 68 and suffers from Epilepsy among other things. Had to pack in my job at Ventura when my Dad passed away to look after my Mum.
Hi Chris,

Just like to add my welcome too.
Look forward to getting to know more about you and your mam.

You are right Chris, sadly the people who need help rarely get it without a fight.

A neighbour of ours moved to Bolton on Dearne about 3 years ago onto one of the new estates that seem to be springing up all over the place, they love it!

Yes, these new houses are all over the place.

Just to add a note of thanks here...to Barnsley Council benefits section whom without their help I would still be in a position of not being able to get all the benefits my mum and I are entitled to.
They have been excellent throughout and I highly recommend them to anyone who is having problems getting any benefit.
The woman came out and filled in a new DLA claim, taking into account all the letters I had previously, and worded it so they could not wriggle out of awarding the claim.
I know for a fact that the wording on the application form is CRUCIAL to getting awards and getting someone who has experience in filling out these forms is ESSENTIAL IMO. I personally have had bad experience with the local CAB and found them to be useless the last time we tried to claim at take it to tribunal. The so called case worker just froze and would not help one bit. I know all CABs are not like this, and we most probably got a very inexperienced case worker,but still...I would go straight for the juggular and get the council in on it.

Dont know if you suggest this to anyone in trouble with claiming but in my experience is well worth it.
Welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!