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Hello and advice needed - Carers UK Forum

Hello and advice needed

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello all,

I am new to the forum and I am after some advice on where I can turn to for support.

I am my wife’s carer. Nearly 2 and a half years ago my wife’s daughter, stepdaughter to me passed due to complications with her scoliosis condition.

Since then my wife has suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks.

I have been her full time carer since. Due to her anxiety I have to be with her from the moment she wakes to the moment she goes to sleep, I always have to be in the same room as her. Even accompanying her to the bathroom for toileting and washing.

I was working, but have given that up to be a carer.

I feel as though I have no identity or life of my own. I go where my wife goes and we do what she wants. I can’t even go for a 5 minute walk out of the house, because she’ll panic. I feel trapped and I can’t even talk to her about it as that’ll just upset her and she is still struggling so much with her grief.

Does anyone know about any support lines or services that I could use?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any advice or suggestions.
Surely her GP can do something to help her?
Hello Richard and welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds like your wife's anxiety is very challenging for both of you. As her carer it's important that you get support and also try and take some time for yourself where you can.

Have a look through our Help and Advice pages for information and resources about this:


Mind also have resources and support for those caring for or living with a mental heath condition:


If you'd like to meet and chat with other carers we run weekly online meet ups which you'd be very welcome to join, you can sign up to them here:

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ne-meetups

These are very informal sessions, just a chance to have a cup of tea with people in a similar situation to yourself and chat about whatever you feel like, it's not always about caring! Do join us if you'd like to

Best wishes

Caregivers gradually become important, those who are mentally weak need a caregiver by their side to share. I have a friend, she is also in dire need of someone to confide in and take care of, she has a mental illness and seems to be at a standstill with life.
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Hello Richard. That is a very sad situation for both of you. This is the only way your wife can deal with her grief.
Has your wife got any other children or close family members?