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Hello all - new parent carer - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Hello all - new parent carer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Angela.
My daughter is now 19 and has severe autism & learning disabilities.
There are some amazing pieces of advice in replies here which makes me wish this forum was around a long time ago.
Different things help us all but I would advise you to ensure you have a life outside of caring. Whilst speaking to other parents can help it can also be nice to spend time with people who don't have a caring role. Try to "check in" with yourself. It can be exhausting dealing with all the professionals so you need to be as strong as you can be. Get in touch with your local Carers Centre who can help with a whole load of issues and provide valuable non-judgemental support. Xxx
Hello Angela, as a carer my situation could not be more different as I have my 93 year old mother in my care. General care advice about looking after yourself etc and links to specific support groups above all look fantastic. However as someone who has worked in education all my life I would also say this- celebrate and enjoy every milestone and success, every one of them and be proud of your baby's achievements and don't forget to just enjoy him too.
Thanks so much for all your advice folks!

I've been out of the loop a bit as our boy was ill in hospital. He is now out and well again and regaining a few of the hard won skills he lots when he was ill.

I really appreciate what people have been saying about trying not to lose yourself, it has felt like such a whirlwind of activity recently that it is easy to just get swept up and forget there are things I want to do too.

Thanks too Kate from Carers UK for the reference to the magazine I'll read Dawn's piece with interest!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

A x