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Hi all,
My name is Bernie and I will hopefully be caring for my wife Dawn. Dawn has been diagnosed with bi-polar and with the odd bout of psychosis. She is currently in hospital for the third time in six years. They have recently changed her meds from olanzapine to quetiapine and as a result in this I have seen a change in her, not in a good way. I have tried to raise this with the staff on the unit and I'm usually fobbed off with excuses about dosage adjustments. Dawn currently will not respond to me and I'm finding it incredibly frustrating, getting little or no feed back from the staff. Has anyone else had experience of these meds and any tips on how to get my wife to trust me again, her mis-trust is based on lies from my daughter who was her carer before this bout. Dawn came off her meds 18 months ago and nobody else in my family knew about this. Dawn was assigned a care worker after her second stay in hospital but left on maternity leave and was never replaced, two months later she stopped taking her meds. I have tried to get help from Swindon Carers for an advocate and support, but nothing has happen yet.

Thanks for reading this post.
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I am sorry to hear wgat has benn happeing - it sounds very poor quality of care for you and your wife Image

Unfortunately, I have not have any experiences of inpatient treatment, but I hear negative stories all that time...Because mental hospital is a specialist they often refuse to listen to Carer's views - they only look at the current problems.

Hope other mental health Carers will drop a line soon, and really hope that you and your wife will get a right support asap.

Take care.
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Hope you enjoy the banter, fun, as well as the serious stuff
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Hello Bernie - I'm sorry to hear of your wife's problems - which in turn are yours as well!
Unfortunately, with these conditions, people often stop taking their medication when they begin to feel well again - which is just the point where they should carry on! Some people have the medication resistant type. When a person has been on the same medication for a number of years, a change is called for - newer drugs, etc. Hospital is a good place to make that change. Olanzapine is a very good drug - as you've found out. My son (who suffers with schizophrenia) also likes this drug, but has had his changed to the injectable respiradone. Quetiapine is a good drug, in my book. I am on a low dose and it helps me to sleep and also stops worrying thoughts keeping me awake at night.......but my son didn't get on with the much higher dose they put him on, so all in all it's a bit hit and miss when they prescribe medication - it's a case of 'suck it and see'!
I'm sorry that you've had not very good relationships with the Mental Health teams. I would tend to think that the Staff are probably not fobbing you off; they are probably waiting until they find the right medication for Dawn. It's usual for the caree to not want contact with the person nearest to them - sometimes it's that they feel that their Carer/spouse will get 'hurt' in some way when they visit their caree - or feel that they can't talk to their beloved.
Have you got a local 'Rethink' carer's group? Or even just a worker who gives support? They can be used as advocate for you or just support. If you wanted more information, how about making an appointment to see your wife's key worker? You can then discuss how your wife's getting on. Remember, you know your wife better than anyone!
Wishing you all the best, and hope my post hasn't bored!!!! If you would like a more detailed chat, or any questions, please feel free to pm me any time Image
Hi all and thanks for the replies. The reason they took her off Olanzapine was to stop the possibility of diabetes, because she has gain a lot of weight. I'm still waiting on Swindon Carers to get back to me, hopefully they can provide an advocate for me. I could say more but I feel I'm just ranting.

Thanks again,
I could say more but I feel I'm just ranting.

Thanks again,
Bernie that's exactly what we're here for Image Please rant away. It can;t be easy for you trying to work out what's best for your wife. Please think of this forum as a place where you can speak your mind and say whatever you like. This forum is for you as a carer and people do understand what you're going through.

Best wishes