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Hello - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
blimeyy-- i dunno lol

i like photography alot, my facebook is full of albums
Im teaching myself to play guitar (as i begged for one for christams and amtt got me a very very nice one and some books to teach my self cannow play scarbourough fair!)
dog walking
i try to do cross stitch but im a bit colour blind (thanks mum and dad for passing that on!) so i find it a bit hard unless i get matt ot help me sort out the colours

and i follow the motorbike racing as matty races in a lil club so have become a bit of mechanic (something i got in to ,to creep around my dad when i was lil and i learnt so much)

but generally im quite happy cleaning doing physio, cleaning, more physio and on here lol
sounds like you have a full schedule Image I'm not much good at mecianical stuff but love riding bikes Image , well when i was a wee bit youger lol, my sons have taken up biking where I left off and my grandaughters are all into motorbikes Image from the 6 yr old to the 18 yr old thuogh Ayla my eldest grandaughter has got herself a car now Image
nah she needs a bike, so much more fun than a car.
i cant ride a bike legally, never passed the cbt had an ear infection on the day of my test so was asked to leave as i couldnt walk straight ! but love bikes, and when i met matt and he said he liked them i knew i was in luck! lol
p.s. pixi can I borrow you for the cleaning ? I hate housework lol
amy is the same a bit worse though she is obsessed with anti bacterial stuff and swine flu
ROFL Image
Um, I'll happily borrow you for cleaning as well!! Image
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
thx krys for the welcome , I'm glad to be here Image
If someone is being borrowed for cleaning, can i add my name to the list too please? Image

Hello lachesis!