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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I love charity book shops, been stocking up there for my hols but I'm afraid I'm a really fast reader so I get through books like mad lol. Just finished t The Sword of Truth seies of books. They have made them into a TV seies now but the programs arnt much like the books.
sorry lachesis we have over taken your welcome thread with book talk!

have u ever done roleplay with a group? sitting round a table, all having a cuppa and hoping the dice will go in your favour ?
Np mate happy to chat about anything Image just nice to talk to you guys Imageused to play dugeons a dragons years ago with my sis and daughter, and did a lots of the PR books with my youngest son. Hes the one who [to his regret as i beat him leveling ] who introduced me to WOW lol
If you have done that sort of RP I might pick your brains for an online RP project I,m doing with some game mate from the netherlands
its beena few years but feel free,, d+d was wot i loved,, i have a halfling who became pretty mean! i was well proud of my lil pook, she was tiny but good! lol , my mu said i was a right sad sack but i think it was the early stages of bipoloa and me escaping from wot i knew was happening to me (going madder lol)
LOL as already stated mate nutters rule Image My friend and his bro want to indulge in more online RP and I'm afraid I'm not so good at it so they are emailing me a storyline to get started on. If you liked D&D you really would like wow but dont get too carried away with your RP like i did. I had an online in game wedding and the story line was I got kidnapped after the weddind and ransomed. I used my sons account to be the kidnapper and my 'husband' issued a declaration in one of the main in game cities that he would pay a rewrd for my rescue. About 50-60 other players cmae aftewr the 'kidnapper' to fight him for the reward. Unfortunatly I forgot to tellmy son I had borrowed his account and for about 3 weeks he couldnt play the character I had used with out other players chalenging him to a dual where ever he wen t lol. Took him ages to stop moaning at me lol
i rememeber reading that couples had split up over wot their characters had got up to on WOW, it made me laugh though, as they wernt cheating in real life just on a game

my mum thinks of roleplayers like the fella on the simpsons, i dont know any one like that who plays
Image not much chance of my online hubby getting into trouble with his wife as she plays too and came to the wedding !
lol,, good, i think the couple i read about the wife didnt play and got jelous as it is addictable
my friends wife didnt play for ages but i used to chat to her over skype while doing dungeons with her hubby and we became fast friends. she decided that as her hubby and I were having soo much fun she would try it and now plays more than I do lol
What are your hobbies friend?