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Hello - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm making my 1st post so please be gentle lol! I live in Southampton and I care for my Mum who has Alzhiemers amongest other illnesess. I spent a good deal of my adult life as a single mum , but I'm finding being a carer the most isolating thing I'v ever done.
For interests I sew , knit and cook, currently drowning in jam lol. I,m in the middle of recovering my suite and making costumes for my daughters blessing. She decided many years ago when she got married she would have a blessing every few years a a good excuse for a party and this year , as she originaly got married in October, she would have a halloween blessing and party. As my entire family is 'dressing up' mad I have them all queing up with costume requests.
Amongst my many bad habbits I'm afraid to say I'm totally addicted to MMORPG's [ masive multyplayer online role play games] and have 2 World of Warcraft accounts complete with Deathknights , level 80's and epic gear lol. The social side of these games have stopped me going around the bend with isloation on many occasions and gaming has become a really enjoyable guilty pleasure Image I would love to hear from other carers who also share this guilty pleasure Image
I love reading rubbish, mostly SiFi , fantasy and Horror, with Terry Prachett being one of my fav authors.
Anyway would love to make new friends and hope to hear from fellow carers
Bye Image
welcome to the site!

terry pratchet is my next author to colect as i have done stephen king and enjoy a good horror read

I used to do live action role play before i had amy and that was a good laugh, but something not expected of me by alot of folks, used to be funnily enough a pixie or a fairy with some good powers lol
havent tried the online ones as i cant afford them, r they really good to get in to then? would like to know more
Hi nice to met you and thx for the reply Image
Iv tried guild wars , Lord of the rings and world of warcraft [wow] as online games and I love wow the best as its not all about leveling , there are lots of other experiences to play through apart from quests. The social side I find is great, I,v made loads of freinds from around the world and some I'v met in real life. Wow has a range of different sorts of relams from PVP [player verses player] to PVE [player verses enviroment] to PR [role play ]. I'm cirrently on a RP realm , but dont be put off you dont have to RP all the time , just resecpt the RP of players that do]http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif[/img]
If you want to try some of these games WOW can be downloaded for free with a 14 day trial. I believe Lord orf the rings has a free trial to.
As for the cost wow is £9.97 a month and depending on how long you are playing it I feel is very good value for a months entertainment Image
Anyway I'll stop banging on about it now but hope the info is useful
Hi again,

Thanks for your reply to my post! I joined up about a month ago and haven't made use of the forum, but after today's panic I think I'll start using it more. I'm the same as you, I find caring the lonliest thing I've done. My family and friends love me, and try to support me, but they don't really understand it all.
I'm not really a gamer, but I do love reading. I don't sleep so great so I read a lot, and sometimes I get through about 2 books a week. I love crime and horror and I'm slowly starting to get into sci-fi.

Nice to meet you!
Hi Sharon nice to meet you too, Hope all goes well with your Hubby Image One of the reasons I love online gaming is that its 24 /7 so I can always find someone to chat to if iI cnat sleep Image
Which crime noevls do you like , I,m going caravaning for a week with mum and the rest of my family in a couple of weeks so I'm looking for a recomenadtion for something to read Image
LOL please excuse my typing , my fingures arnt working today
VAL MCDERMOT-- must reads she does wire in the blood and her books are fantastic
I love Ian Rankin books and I just read The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfield was really good.

Anything with a murder really Image
ian rankin is very good,, i have a few of his books and read them riight through pretty quick.

I like Dan Browns books, i liked his books b4 they became films and now one of the books has been re-released and is quit expensive but i got mine for about 50p in a charity shop.
(i always get my books from charity shops)


thx Image