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Hello ! - Carers UK Forum

Hello !

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have been my Husbands carer for over 25years, he has had three strokes,the last one in Dec 2008 ,several TIA"s ,post stroke epilepsy, angina leading to a five graft heart bypass four years ago, high blood pressure and now arthritis. his mobility is poor, caring seems to get harder and harder and more frustrating.
Hi Pawsforthought,

Welcome to the forum.Take a good look round and just jump in wherever.If there is anything specific you would like to discuss just start a new thread of your own.
The main site has a wealth of information so you may find something of use there too.

x x
Hi and welcome

Lots of lovely people on here to help and support you. We are also slightly mad, so we'll make you laugh now and then too Image Image

Hi Pawsforthought

welcome to our little world - known as the mad house to the regulars. don't worry the natives are very friendly !!

do I sense another 'cat person' (pawsforthought) ????

Thank you so much for your welcome, yes Susieq , I am both a cat and dog person,we have 3 cats and a dog. Pawsforthought was the name of a beautiful black cat that I owned , alas , long gone to Rainbow Bridge.
Hi pawsforthought and welcome Image
I have 2 geriatric cats and a diabetic dog with blood problems Image
Welcome Pawsforthought....I hope you get as much from this forum as I certainly do. A really great bunch of genuine caring people. For me, its like having a cup of cocoa at night with friends. Enjoy your postings. Bell x (carer for one Mum, one Aunt, 2 dogs and a community cat.....with support from one very patient husband!)
Welcome Paws for thought and nice to meet you Image
Thank you again for your welcomes, I am looking forward to " chatting " on the forum with people who know what caring is all about, I find it is no good talking to friends who have not done any caring,they do not have a clue what it involves and at times I feel very isolated and feel that life is passing me by.
Myrtle, I have something in common with your dog, I am diabetic too. Image
Hello Paws welcome to site hope you get lots of good advice and it does help to talk Image Image