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Hello - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is Karin I am a carer for my husband, who was in a car accident 14yrs ago causing him to break his neck. I was pregnant at the time. he was very lucky he was still able to walk but 3 yrs later he was getting into the car and sneezed and put to disks out in his back and one imploded strangling his spinal cord. this resulted in the loss of control from the waist although with help he can be mobile some days.
we have catheters which i change we don't see the district nurse anymore as I was trained to change it. he now has regular anaphylatic reactions with no known cause. The hospital has been honest they say this is as good as it gets.
the hardest part I find is the change in personality he gets so depressed and angry but he does tend to take it out on me as its as if he can say what he likes and I will still be there.
even the Kids have got fed up with him the youngest is 14 and spends a lot of time at his elder brothers as he can play football with him and take him out.

Although I would never not have him around I do get fed up and worried how we will cope.
I went to the doctors before Christmas to find my sore shoulder was Arthritis not a pulled muscle I went for x rays to confirm this and they have said its poss in my wrists and ankles as well this worries me, as what happens if I got bad.

sorry for going on but this is the first time I have ever put this in writing or said anything except to my mum but she is recovering from Oral Cancer and I cant always talk about my problems with her as she needs my support as well

Hi Karin nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Karin,

Welcome, have a good look round there's plenty of advice, support and chat on here.

No need for apologies, you're not going on, we all need someone to listen... a problem shared is a problem halved.


Karen x x
Hi Karin and welcome
these forums are here to help and for people to get things off their chest
so you carry on lots of good people here to listen and help
Hello Karin and welcome.
Post us anytime, we all understand how damn hard it is.

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Hi Karin

Welcome - this is the one place where you can rate, rave and let off steam as much as you want and no-one will judge you. We've all been there and know what's it like - so feel free to moan as much as you want. Lots of advice and support all freely available !

Hello Karin....there is always someone on here to talk with.... and all are very good listeners. welcome aboard.
Hi Karin
Welcome to the forum. Lots of lovely people on here to talk to and they will give you lots of support and advice.
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Just realised we now got 2 Karens.Or Karen and Karin Image Image
Hi Karin and welcome aboard. Do you get any help?