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hello - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm new here - a parent carer for my adult son with learning disabilities, and some other stuff :)
Hi Ali,

Waves 👋🏽 back!

I care for S, he has Autism, related LD and some other stuff, too.

Do you and your son get a break from each other?

Hi Melly

not really - he does one day a week activities, so I can stand down between 10 and 4. Try to do more things separately - in an effort to help him be independent, but he needs to be in phone contact.

What about you?
Hi Ali
Nice to meet you :)
Hi Ali,
S is quite capable at home but often needs reassurance. He can't be left alone nor use the phone ( he is considered non verbal, though does say some words, but you need to know him well to understand him.) He uses a communication aid to have conversations. He goes to the follow on service at his college five days a week, but like you I only really have one day off a week, as I teach in a special school four days a week. He also goes to an evening club, but by the time I have dropped him off, driven home, eaten, it's not long before I have to pick him up again. He enjoys his club though, so it's worth it.

How old is your son?

Hi Ali Welcome to the forum. It can be isolating caring for an adult child and sharing here helps.

My daughter is 36 she is blind, has mild learning/autistic traits and a medical condition, that all said she is an amazing person! We are in the process of planning for her future. It's only since I turned 60 we have realised, while she is very happy living at home with me, we do need to think ahead!!
Hi Ali
I care for my adult son (early 20s) who is crippled with anxiety but otherwise intelligent, verbal and capable. His problems didn't become apparent until 2-3 years ago so its still a shock how affected he is.
Sadly, as he's non violent he isn't regarded bad enough to warrant any help via official channels, they seem quite happy he just hides here at home on job seekers.
We pay for counselling which is helping although progress is slow.
No one told us parenting is this hard for this long do they?