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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
It's taken me ages to sort this out Image regestering that is, not too good on the p.c.
Im a mum to a young lady of 22 with learning and behavioral difficulties sometimes challenging. Im sure she has autistic traits e.g same type of under wear, tags cut out of clothes god knows how much stuff has been ruined when i've not got to tags first. routine, well christmas starts in nov any lights go up before 2nd week in dec, she huffs and fluffs (swearing) gets quite distressed at christmas period.food fixations will only eat curry at one stage untill a bad bout of chronic indegestion. I could go on for ages, colours, listening to me gossiping and then telling the person what i have said oooohhhh so bad. We do have a great laugh at times, but when she has a bad day we know about it,even the dog runs for the hills !
At the moment she's just left college, will not admit that she's left and accsessing day care x2 days a week and nothing else, i work (my respite) with adults with learning difficulties local social services, i have reduced my hours, and took a lower paid job, im getting flexi time 15 mins whilst i wait for transport pick up. Its a pig trying to balance and juggle, stressed to the hilt and tired, well another review in a few days, people telling me to fight, but im tired. I'l need to find the strength and "get me roar back". I'L let you know how we got on. Might need some advice...... Great website
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