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Hello new member

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi My name is Janice and I care for my mother who has mixed type dementia. She isn't too bad but has recently had another memory test which shows she has dropped in the past year. Being told this week that she has now been discharged from the memory clinic she bows appears to think she doesn't have dementia anymore. Looks like we maybe back to square one. I look forward to hearing others stories and advice.
Hi Janice
Sorry not replied sooner, only just spotted your post. Welcome to the forum. Not quite sure what you mean by 'dropped' Do you mean she has scored less than before or that her capacity is less? I haven't had any experience with a memory clinic, others here will have, although I do have a Mum with dementia, now in a Home. She recently 'scored' 22 out of 28 which I understand is quite conclusive. (I don't know what kind of dementia but as she is nearly 100 and is already cared for I don't suppose it matters.) That test was carried out by a practice nurse so obviously it doesn't have to be done in a clinic once the diagnosis has been done. I suggest that you ask your GP for another test when you consider that your Mum has deteriorated significantly. Also I suppose that denial of having dementia is a sign of the disease in itself. I wouldn't make a big thing out of trying to convince Mum, as she doesn't understand the implications of the diagnosis anyway.
Have you started looking into what help is available to you and things like day centres?
Hi Janice, welcome to the forum. Can I ask how old mum is, and how old you are? The older people get, the more they become very self focussed, just don't realise how much support they are getting. Be sure to look after yourself too, and maintain a bit of life away from caring, we all need some "me" time. Have you claimed Attendance Allowance for mum?