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Hello - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is Anne McEvoy, I care for my husband David who has ongoing health problems.
Hello and welcome :)
Hello Anne and welcome to the forum :)

Have a look around and join in where you like - if you have any specific questions or concerns then post away someone is bound to come along with an answer or some advice !
Hi and welcome. :) It's good to have you here.
Hi Anne
Welcome to the forum :)
hi anne hope you are having a good day :) :) :) hope you enjoy the site as much as myself
Hello Anne, welcome to the Forum - I've recently joined and it's great to know you are not alone. We are here for you

Lots of love

Hello everyone

Thank you for your kind messages of welcome. I care for my husband who has vasculitis amongst other health conditions. He had majory surgery for a Duodenal tumour in September and fortunately it was not cancerous. However having said that he is still facing an on-going battle with his health. He still has tummy problems and was due some tests Maundy Thursday but has recently had a bout of Pnuemonia. I am really worried about work and what to do, I have just had eight months off and I do not think they are very happy with me understandably. Tomorrow I am going to have to go in and ask for more time because of hospital appointments etc. It isn't that work comes first it is just getting harder to manage. My husband comes first and we have a personal alarm but your mind is never really completely on the job. Has anyone else faced these tough decisions?
Hi Anne and welcome sending hugs.
Hi Anne, welcome. Have you asked Social services for a carers assessment. They are supposed to support people who want to work and care.