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A carer, new to the site - Carers UK Forum

A carer, new to the site

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I'm 30 years old, male and a full-time carer to my girlfriend since September. I'm still getting over the changes to both of our lives and my feelings of isolation (I moved away from friends and family in the north east to live with her in Kent).

I'm on the board looking for an outlet, understanding and to read others' postings.

Best wishes to you all.
Welcome to the forum Aristotle - enjoy!

Bell x
hello and welcome
a warm welcome to you
Hi and welcome Image
Hello and welcome Image
same as matey, not from north east though, its a long journey my friend and alot of changes still to come, my partner has been ill since january, there are many challanges ahead, not just for caring for your partner but for you also, benefits, housing needs, make sure you get intouch with any support groups in your area, they are fantastic with finding the help you will need, having your friends and family not around is hard, mine are 80 miles away from me and dont hear from my friends that often, so finding a new network of friends is going to be important, even if its just to vent out fustrations, being on a forum like this is a good start, and if you havent invested in a playstation/xbox yet then get one, its great to take your mind of things and give you a bit of time to yourselve without leaving your partner on there own so your always close if they need you. my partner is bed bound so we play many games together on an evening when the kids are in bed and have a good laugh also. dont know what i would do without it.
Hi Aristotle
Dean has given good advice.
Welcome also to the forum. Feel free to look around and post wherever you like. Image
Thanks to everyone for the pleasant welcome and thoughtful replies. Image
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you life has altered massively over the last few months.

Hope you enjoy the forum and find it useful and supportive.