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Hi, Im new & here on behalf of my carer ;) - Carers UK Forum

Hi, Im new & here on behalf of my carer ;)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone, Im here as my husband, (my main carer) doesnt 'do' anything on the computer other than email bless. I have a few health issues as does he actually, but just wondered if anyone knew how long the average wait is for an outcome of a carers assessment? Our old SS got me a PB and got a carers package for hubby (god send) but she had to move offices during the first year, so when it came to a possible renewal we rang and were told, as there was a shortage of SS in Essex we would just have to wait till we were allocated one. Finally after a tough year and having to get police involved (another story lol) we had a new SS visit first wk in Sept, she went through assessments etc went away and has never been seen again! I have emailed, rang and finally due to our circumstances and getting no where, complained to the complaints officer @ social care. I did have to laugh (all be it through frustration) as the email reply to my complaint was addressed to another person and covered a different complaint! As we were at the stage of pulling each others hair out, I took a deep breath and thought 'F#*# it' and emailed our local M.P through the house of Commons Image If nothing else it made a phone ring from all sorts of ppl Image so this brings me to my question of how long is usual for an outcome? I am soo sorry to those of you who are still awake after my essay Image you would never guess that I have neurological problems let alone suffer from not being concise sometimes would you? Image

I've just had a quick look through our website advice http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... assessment
and we don't say anything about how long it will take. Not very helpful!

Hope some of our members can share their own experiences. I have heard of people who get a letter within 2 weeks and others it has taken 6-9 months to get an outcome. It will depend on your area.

Sorry that's not much of an answer!

Best wishes

Hi Matt,

Thank you for welcoming me to the site (oh silly silly you lol) Seriously tho I will try not to make you wish I hadnt joined, honest Image I do understand that like everything in life there is no 'norm' but just wondered if others hadnt heard any news for 4 months, so I will have a look around and see if I can find anything out Image

I did rather 'storm' in with a question tho, sorry Image got soo many things that need to be sorted we cant see the woods for the trees at mo. Everything from the question above to repossession really, but hey ho, I will try to keep this intro brief!

I am a 'disabled' 40 something & married to my fifty something hubby who as I mentioned is my carer, we have been together for nearly 33 years Image Our eldest is M @ 23 (just started a new job in London but still lives at home) middle one is also M @ 17 and our youngest is a F and 7 years old. Strangely all 3 have medical issues altho none have support other than us. We live in Essex along with our two indoor cats who everyone but hubby adores (hes a dog kinda guy) altho our kitten is part Main Coon so will be more like a dog hehe.

I have a lot of questions but as im 'new' I havent got the 'feel' of this all yet so will have a nose around to see if I can find out that way first as I dont want to fill this section up for you all Image Does anyone know if you can get a repossession slowed down due to heath problems tho please? Its not forced by our mortgage ppl tho, its from Nemo from a secured loan company? Would appreciate a nudge in the right direction maybe as our home is meant to go on sale tomorrow (altho I am going to refuse to do it tomorrow) Image
Hello and welcome Image
Thank you india77 Now go and enjoy the New Years build up Image

I wish everyone a Very Happy New Year and hope that even the heaviest of hearts gets a glimmer of hope as we enter into 2013 xxx Everything is possible if we just believe <3 So heres to a better year for everyone Image
Gosh, so many problems Im sure you must feel overwhelmed.
Im afraid I dont know the answer to your questions, but I bet there will some people on here who do know.
In the meantime Id like to welcome you to the forum and dont be worried about asking questions.
If you are not happy asking too many questions all at once then have a look at the Search section and type in words for things you are concerned about. You may find someone else has asked a similar question already. You will have seen mention of the Carers UK helpline. Do give them a ring and have a confidential chat (email if you can't get through by phone). It's run by our organisation, so definitely concerned with carers above all else, unlike the government helplines. I'm wondering if you are getting all the benefits that you're entitled to? If you wish, they can do a benefits check too.
A big thank you to you both for even being on here tonight! Thank you so much for the lovely welcomes and advice, I will look through by topic/problem and also ring/email the carers number thank you Image I know we all have problems in one form or another and at present I feel like im drowning (have a few issues re house move and my middle son who has agoraphobia bless, doc has been great in the last 6 months and put a referral for some kind of phone help, but it takes time apparently ...Mmm thinking as we were spose to put the hse up tomorrow is he part of the fittings??) as you may of guessed he knows a bit but not all as I was pinning my hopes on the nhs (well I do have short term memory issues lol) Seriously tho Im laying here thinking how will we get thru tomorrow Image But as ive been thinking that for 2 weeks im hopeful tomorrow will give me one more day Image

Happy New Year & Goodnight all or should I say Morning 2013! either way Im glad to have lead the life I have, just wish I had planned a tad better Image xxx