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Hello, I'm new to Carer's UK, I care for my partner, who has multiple physical and mental health problems, most of the time he isn't seriously ill but in the New Year he's got to come off some medication and I'm basically trying to find some support networks to help me deal with a stressful and fearful experience for the both of us.
Hi Joseph and welcome.
Hello Joseph and welcome Image
and a welcome from me too, hope christmas and new year isn't too stressful for you.
phoebe x
Thank you to everyone who's welcomed me. Things are getting tough, my partner has started to drop the dosage of the medication in question (lithium) and he's getting quite unstable - he has rapid cycling bipolar so we're getting mania, depression and paranoia all hitting us in quick succession. Hospital admission has been moved forward to the 7th Jan to try and ease things up more quickly. Anyone else experienced lithium withdrawal and associated side-effects?
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hi Joseph, lithium withdrawal is probably not very common, so there may not be anyone else dealing with this. Do use this site as a sounding board or feel free to vent. We will be here to listen and support you.
Sorry, my experience as a carer relates to elderly and those with learning difficulties, but I've had more experience of illness and hospitals that I'd like! I'd suggest that you plan for the admission, so that you can make sure that everything is organised and packed with the minimum of fuss. Don't forget tissues, wet wipes, and individual drinks cartons or bottles and plenty to read, if that's appropriate. I buy paperbacks in the charity shops before an admission, then give them back once they've been read. The lead up to admission is inevitably going to be very stressful, and you will be concerned about discharge too. Usually I suggest to the girls in your position that they have a facial, massage, or hair do as some "me" time when their caree is in hospital, to help unwind. Not sure what you blokes do in the same situation, perhaps a meal down the pub to save cooking? Our local garden centres do great food, but whatever you do, look after yourself properly while you are on your own. I don't know if there is a support group specially for the problems your partner will be going through, might be worth trawling the internet. Hope that helps.