Tell us a bit about yourself here.
i'm another person new to the site but not to caring. have an adult son with autism and severe epilepsy and also care for my mother who is said to be in end stage copd, but i often feel she may well outlive me! i don't get too much time to myself
welcome pot of tea.

pull up a chair, park your bottom down and have a good old browse through
oh but don't forget to above all else have a flippin good natter

i've only been here about a week but so far have foudn this a wonderful site with some lovely people on and so extremely insightful and helpful information.
Hi Pot of tea,

Although we can welcome you to the forum I think with a name like yours we should all come to your house for a cuppa Image .

Hope you have enough seats there's quite a few of us and the numbers increasing daily.

Look forward to reading more from you.

x x
Image Hello and welcome ditto as above
what lovely welcomes, thank you Image
really good to see you posting Potty Image

'nil carborundum illegitimi' Image
Welcome. Image
A pot of tea is a welcome sight at any time..........Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy posting here.

Take care