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Supporting my Mum caring for my Dad - Carers UK Forum

Supporting my Mum caring for my Dad

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Its been 10 years since my Dad’s stroke and now my Mum needs a hysterectomy. Social services can only offer a maximum of 28 days respite. I’m really worried this won’t be long enough for Mum to have recovered enough to have Dad back at home, Mum does everything for him and he will expect her to carry on as normal once he’s home. I can see Mum ending up back in hospital or worse. Worried worried worried. Is 28 days the max of (paid for) care we can expect?
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Im not sure what the max is at the moment for paid care. I think i would speak to social services about your circumstances. Surely they will be able to sort something out for you.
Are they going to supply you with carers when your dad comes home? Im not sure if it differs across the country, but where i am from we are allowed the first 6 weeks free of charge, anything after that you have to pay for and its roughly about £7 an hour.x
I think that you will find that it depends on where you live and LA SSDs will sometimes bend their rules if you can make a good enough case. I would probably start with a letter from the consultant or GP explaining why your mother needs longer, for example, if your father needs lifting and your mother should not lift for six weeks post-op.

If this fails you could contact the Respite Association who may still have funds available to pay for further respite:

There is a also a trust called something like the Florence Nightingale Trust in Sickness, Google will find it for you. They give various support to people who have health issues, and were happy to help a family I knew. I've had a hysterectomy, it's really important to allow the healing process to complete. I was told that after 6 months the scar tissue was stronger than "normal" tissue. I'd felt terribly run down before the operation, and soon I felt so much better. Social/Adult Services need to do a needs assessment asap, for both mum and dad as soon as possible, so that they can make proper arrangements before mum goes into hospital.
This is exactly why my husband and I cannot have the surgeries we both need. My husband has a hernia. I have a hernia, prolapse and need surgery on my ear to restore my hearing. We cannot have these surgeries as we had them done previously (except for my hearing) and as soon as they possibly could the SW dept withdrew the help (after 4 weeks if I remember correctly) meaning that the problems reoccurred worse than ever. I hope your area is different and that you get the help you need.