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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hiya Poppit, Hiya Bell... Thanks everyone.. x
Welcome from me too, I often refer to myself as a "Clapped Out Carer". Having spent a few years supporting five people all entitled to highest DLA care needs, I know just how wearing it can be. It is not selfish to have a break from caring, it's really important, even if it's just a few hours each week.
Hi Mr Tired Carer,

Welcome from me too Image I'm a fairly recent newbie and this lovely gang of people have been fantastic in keeping me afloat. Have a good look through the past discussions and very often you'll think you're reading about yourself! Knowing you're not alone doesn't make everything better by magic but it sure helps and don't forget to get involved in the fun & games section too. It usually raises a chuckle between your caring tasks.
Hi, yes i feel like that sometimes, especially when its been one of ''those'' days when nothing goes right and you feel as though your going round in circles. My mum who i care for and love dearly, now and again will point out what i havent done or what i've forgotton to do! I do try and explain that there are only 24hours in the day and i do have to sleep for some of them!!
Yesterday, to give myself a headstart so to speak, i got up at 5.30am and began to do a few chores before she woke up. I only sat down for 20minutes for breakfast, then 20minutes for dinner. By 8.00pm i was exhausted. I sat down on her bed and told her i was really tired.....she said ''are you? i wonder why that is''.........
Sorry Poppett.. Spelt you name wrong the last time.. Thanks everyone for the comments.. I know I'm not great with technology and trying to find my around the site, and no doubt will stumble across the games etc.. Image

Getting up at 5.30 am!!!! That sounds familiar. Even having to up all night, then going to work on many occasions too.

When someone has a serious mental health issue too, and they have at times taken o/d's and such like it can be difficult to say to them.. 'I'm finding it hard dealing with everything, and would like a break from you' !!! How will they react, what will they do.. If they think they are being a burdon on you?
Are you caring 24/7? Do you have anyone to give you any time off at all? If not, it's time your caree had a needs assessment from your Social Services (or Adult Services, depending on where you live). You also need to have a Carer's Assessment. If you are not sure about what is available in your area, it might be worth having a look at your LA's website to get a bit of background information. Don't forget the Carers UK has a helpline to give advice, if the line is busy, then send them an email and they will get back to you. What may seem an unusual of difficult solution to you is bound to be something they've met before. That's the advantage of the whole organisation of course.
Hi and welcome Mr Tired carer and India77:D
We all need a break sometimes, our carees from us too!
Can you access day care or a sitting service, just to give you a break?

Join in anywhere, you're more than welcome Image
O dear, thats a difficult one. I dont think it would be wise to say it under the circumstances. I think the person you care for might realise how hard it is for you, but at the same time they might not want to hear it. Its so hard to know at times what to do for the best. Do you have anybody coming in to help? family or friends? sometimes somebody else bringing the subject up makes it alot easier.