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hello - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I live in stoke and look after my mum and dad. Mum is quite obstinate about getting opout of bed. I feel like a continual nag and a drudge. I can predict the conversation every weekend, and the thought of that for years to come is so depressing. Sorry to be such a moan. I know I am not the only one. Its nice to know there are others out there
Hello Wendy.

Welcome to the forums.

Plenty of support here.

Dont worry about the moan, no one judges, we all have our days where we need to rant or just get things off out chest.

Tracey x
Hello Wendy and a warm welcome from me too Image

As Tracey says, dont worry about the moaning. Plenty of that goes on 'round these parts ! Its a good place to offload here and it can help when we do that.

I'm pleased you found your way here. Plenty of folk who understand what its like to care for another, especially the emotional side of things. So welcome aboard. Give me a hand with the anchor and lets see where the breeze takes us......

All good wishes,

Robert Image
Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to say hello and welcome, nice to have you with us.
Take care
Minnie Image
Hi and welcome from me too - I have only been here a few days and still don't know everybody yet. I feel the same - I care for my elderly father and some days he will NOT budge out of bed. The routine with us is that at 5 and 6am I take in a hot cuppa, and at 6-30 I check his TV guide and discuss what he wants to watch/do in the day ahead - then ask if he want s a snooze or to get up shortly - some days he bounces up in bed and is waiting before I have laid out his washing and shaving things - other days he wants the snooze - and when I go back at 7-30 he sometimes tells me he is not getting up today - or isnt ready to get up yet - or doesnt feel like it.... getting him to actually roll back the covers on THOSE days is near impossible - I have to threaten to phone the doctor, or not to bother getting his brekkie, or...
I guess it is that sort of moment where I push being a carer rather daughter on him....
The borderline between the two is a bit iffy at times.
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum
Hi Wendy

Welcome to the forum. As the others have said, we all understand how you feel - caring can be a tough business and it's important to let off steam when you need to. Vent away!

Jo Image