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HELLO - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I look after my tetraplegic husband - today its one year since he slipped on the ice and broke his neck...he has been home from hospital since August this year and apart from a carer for fifteen minutes twice a day to help me hoist him in and out of his chair and to bed there is only me...somedays I can feel so isolated and alone . I had not heard of 'Carers Uk' until I saw the text santa on This Morning last week...Its sooo good to know there are others out there...
Hi and Welcome
So very glad you have found this forum, caring can be very isolating, but here you will find some lovely, friendly and cheery people to share with
I'm sure there will be others along very soon to welcome you
Welcome to the forum, nice to have you with us.
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Welcome to the forum.
It must be a very emotional day for you and your husband today.
Have a look around, there are plenty of topics, serious and fun.x Image
Hello and a very warm welcome. I am just so pleased you did eventually hear about Carers UK and found your way here. I know that you will find everyone helpful and supportive. Although our situations are unique in some ways, we all have a great deal in common too..... especially the feeling of isolation. But having taken this one step, you are not today as isolated as you were yesterday ! Its lovely to have you join us and I do hope things start to feel a bit better for you soon.

All good wishes,

Hiya and welcome from me
Hello and welcome.Glad you found Carers UK and i hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
hiya and wellcome you will always find someone to chat to on here Image Image
Welcome to the forum Alessandra. Lots of lovely people here who understand how you feel and are very supportive. Hope you find this site useful. Image
Thank you for your messages it really helps to know there are lots of us carers out there.... Image