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Hi all

I'm a carer for my best friend who is disabled, we have known each other for 9 years and he recently has become a lot worse and in need of more care. We manage well but it's nice to know there are other people around in a similar situation.

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Hi and a warm welcome from me.
Finding people in the same boat is always good, and there're plenty of us here Image
hi Gary its so easy to forget theres always someone in the same boat. I've been with my partner since July 2008 and as his illness progresses more and more life gets difficult. It doesn't feel fair but thats the way its worked out. In our case thats Parkinsons Disease. He got his diagnosis at 32, I had to stop working last July and well we've gone from being DINKy's to surviving on benefits in a one bed flat. Just glad we found a landlord who let us keep the dog. Sometimes I sit and think about all the things we promised ourselves which I know will never happen now. No getting married. No having kids. No travelling. We can't afford it and it would be unfair to bring kids into our lives especially considering how fast my partner is progressing. As carers we all make sacrifices.
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hello and welcome
Hi Gary,

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Looking forward to getting to know you.

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After a phone call with the DWP I feel in need of nice people!!! They are so damn frustrating.

My friend, Martin, is currently undergoing brain scans to see why his communication and motor functions have become so affected...and all the little prat on the phone was bothered about was being as obstructive as possible. I rang back and got a much more sensible gentleman who was willing to listen and understand the situation. Why do they employ people who have no people skills!? rant over

Thanks again for listening...