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Have given up work and am caring for Mum - Carers UK Forum

Have given up work and am caring for Mum

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Hi. I decided to take the opportunity of voluntary redundancy last year and am now caring full time for my 85 year old Mum. I have just been awarded Carer's Allowance, which I'm pleased about (it all helps!). I have a question about advising the DWP of changes - I can't find the answer on the DWP Carers web pages, so wonder if anyone here can help me - is this the correct place to ask? (can't see any specific forums on financial matters). I notice it says in my letter that you have to inform DWP if you take a break from your caring role, eg. go on holiday. Can anyone advise what the implications to CA are if you take a break? Are you allowed a certain number of days a year away before they suspend it?

I missed the annual conference last year, but hope to make it to this year's. I also look forward to using the the information on this site - it all looks very helpful.
welcome maz1963 i sure someone on here will be able to help you more than me, everyone,s got some knowledge about all sorts of thing, or they may be able to tell you where to find out about the dwp.
As i understand it,if you take time away from being a carer,then for that period of time your carers allowance is stopped,then re-started again once you re-commence.Oh,and welcome to the Forum,hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hi Maz and welcome Image
Hello Maz and a warm welcome from me too Image

Sorry but I really can't advise you on your question - but if you want any advice on bed making, bribing GP receptionists to get same day appointments, or how to make four mugs of tea with just the one tea bag, I'm your man Image

Good to have you with us.

Hi Maz and welcome. Image

Perhaps give the helpline a call?

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When I phoned to ask about this they told me you are can get 4 weeks of holiday per year without it affecting your carers Allowance, but they still need to know the days he is not with you.
If it's for longer it will stop and you'll get it once the person you care for is with you again.
Hope this helps
Thank you for the warm welcome and useful advice. I will of course advise the DWP if and when I take a break, I vaguely recalled something about you being allowed a certain number of days 'off' a year, but wasn't sure, all the advice everyone has given is most helpful.

I have followed this website and forum for some time and have to admit that I feel fairly fortunate at the moment that Mum is of sound mind at 85, and my caring role, although challenging at times, is not as demanding as some of the stories I have read here. However, she is gradually losing her mobility now, so I have no idea what the future holds. I try not to worry about it too much, we'll deal with things as they happen.

One thing I have often wondered about is if there is any 'literature' about dealing with/living with/caring for older folk. Someone must have written a book about it by now! I just think that whenever you have a low moment, it would be useful to read about other people's experiences. I remember finding one, by an American lady I think, called 'Looking after Mum and Dad', or something along those lines. Must look it up again on Amazon. If anyone is aware of any such stuff to read, I'd appreciate some information.

Things seem to be working out fairly well at the moment, and I don't miss work one bit (worked for the same organisation for nearly 30 years, so was glad to have a break!), I hope I can deal with whatever challenges lie ahead!
I too have just finished work to care for my 85 yr old mum, also not quite as difficult as some on here, she is able to walk less and less latetl, so i am getting a wheel chair so i can take her shopping, i am enjoying it and the freedom of no work, i worked in care for twenty years.Good luck. Jayne. xxx
Hi Maz 1963
You are allowed to take a number of weeks break from caring in any year without losing your allowance. I think they work it out over a six month rolling period. Normally I take two lots of two weeks spaced out over the year. You can advise changes online or phone. I phone just before I am going away and then let them know once I have returned. If you don't advise that you are back, they may stop your benefit. I have always found that when I phone they are very helpful. The number is on the award letter that you will have received. Hope that helps.