Hello Mariee,, I hope you are in good spirits today. My husband yesterday asked if I care for him as I felt sorry or pity for him. I was so shocked and assured him that I care for him as I love him no matter what. I said I wished I could make his life as it was before he got all this go wrong with him but I cannot,, no one can. Its very difficult when a person has all his enjoyment in life taken away and cant do any of his hobbies or work or even the basics in self caring anymore, the experts seem to think that walking to the shop is an aim and he should feel ecstatic,, but they dont know the pain it makes him in and that when hes told you dont seem too bad ,, he feels like telling them ,, 'maybe not too bad for a 90+ year old' as hes just 54 and it takes him ages to walk a few yards and his balance is affected and he stumbles and sometimes falls. What with his heart condition, high blood pressure and cholestral, diabetes, lymphodema, copd, had a stroke last june and another this april which left him with a weakened right side and mental health problems and a few other problems they seem to think a few excercises is going to do wonders for him. I help him out of bed and dress him, get his meals and shower him. I support him while walking if we go out and he cannot drive no more so I do all the driving and everything that needs to be sorted out. What would it cost the NHS to pay people to do all this?? And the government think that £55 a week is all we need!