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Greetings from Mid Wales - Carers UK Forum

Greetings from Mid Wales

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Caring for my wife, who is 15 years into MS.

Substantial input towards the welfare of my 80 year old widowed mother.

My own health problems (Von Hippel Lindau. Google 'VHL' if you're interested!) which have left me debilitated to the extent that I have had to take early retirement. This, however, is not classed as a disability, even though I can hardly function myself sometimes.

I have read many of the posts here as a guest, and am not afraid to say that I do not fall in to the group that resignedly accepts the status quo or suggests that there are always people worse off than themselves; by definition there must be many better off. But perhaps they can help to calm me down! Image

Have to be honest and say that I am angry, bitter and resentful. Not towards or with my dear wife, but towards whoever is in charge of the gene pool. Physically, emotionally and mentally drained - and only 55.

Having both been deprived of our careers and livelihoods by whoever or whatever runs the show, now the Government is going to turn the screw too. Now having to comfort a wife in tears because HMG might take what little dignity she has left from her.

Not happy! But, as they say, 'always look on the bright side'. Or try.
Hi and welcome Image You be as angry as you like, as no doubt you will have seen on the forum it`s a great way to let go of all that pent up frustration we all feel at one time or the other, I know it`s certainly helped me . Image
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Welcome monbretia Image
Hello Monbretia, welcome to the forum Image
Hi Montbretia and welcome Image
... and thank you all for your welcome.

This beautiful autumn is at least helping to lift the soul.
Welcome to the forum.
I assume with your username you enjoy gardening when you have time?
Am I being too nosy if I ask where in Mid Wales you are?I love it all round there. I live in Pembrokeshire,but for the last few years if we go away for a few days, we go to Lake Vrynwy. My little piece of paradise.I can walk round parts of the lake, and leave my carees at the RSPB shop, and the cafe there.
I too feel angry, bitter and resentful at times. My younger son died due to diabetes complications last summer,and I will never get over that.
But even as a Carer, I can laugh and walking on our beaches, can be at peace with myself.
Hope to see you posting elsewhere. Image
Hello Lazydaisy,

Not at all - I live up in 'them there hills' above Aberystwyth and you are very astute to recognise that gardening particularly, and also the country, are my pressure valve. Have looked at your profile and what is on my plate pales in to insignificance compared with what has landed on yours.

I haven't been to Lake Vyrnwy for many many years now, although I do do a lot of walking in the Welshpool area on my 1 day a month respite. I'm ashamed to say that I have never been to Pembrokeshire - the nearest we get is Morriston Hospital in Swansea, which is the nearest neuro centre.