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Logging in - Carers UK Forum

Logging in

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I would really like to make a complaint.. ive been trying for a few days now to log into this forum without success, I must have reset my password 10 times and only have managed to log in today by creating a new account.. its madness. Ive emailed carers uk, but no one has bothered to reply. Unbelievable really when there is enough stress and all I wanted is support.... :( very frustrated and upset.

Please can someone explain to me how to log in.. ive got in now by fluke.. thanks
Dear Rebecca

!'m sorry to hear that you have been having problems logging in to the forum. Over the last few months we have been experiencing a few gremlins in the works and, hopefully, most of them have been evicted - but obviously there must a couple still lurking.

I will pass your comments onto the IT guys to see if they can ascertain your particular problem but would be grateful if you could give me a little more detail -

what device are you using - laptop, desktop PC, tablet , phone ?
what browser do you use - Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Bing etc ?
what response do you get when you try to log in ? (are you able to provide a screenshot ?)
when you log in do you do so from a bookmark saved on your computer or do you visit the Carers UK main website and use the forum link there ?

Your answers might enable me to make some suggestions as to the problem and if not will help the IT guys find the problem.
Rebecca - hi - you're here now! Hope you can stay!

What's your carer situation? Lots of 'types' of carers here, and lots of types of carees too.
Hi Rebecca, welcome to the forum.
Glad you made it at last, the gremlins have been a nuisance. However, you will find lots of support here from a friendly bunch who know just how difficult caring, especially long term, can be.
I've had a total of 10 carees, varying in age from new born to 87!
Hello, Rebecca. I wonder in which order you were doing things. I had a problem in accessing the Forum after logging in. I discovered that if I first went to the Forum from home page and then logged in, I had proper access. Odd that it should work that way but it did.

I am just mentioning this in case you have been up against a similar difficulty.
Yes, I do the same. When I do, then I get what I call the 'old' log in screen, which looks the same way it did before the IT upgrade, as opposed to the 'new (horizontally wider I think? Definitely looks different!) log in screen.
Thanks for your replies taken me all day to try and log on again. I try for a few times give up and try again later. Its absolutely silly, and still no one from carers uk has replied to me.. I hope it can get fixed. Irs extremely frustrating.
Sorry using an andriod tablet with chrome.
Hi Rebecca
I use and android tablet and this is what I find works for me.
Firstly when loggng on don't not use a log on screen that has boxes in different colours. Look to the top right of that screen and there is a red head. Click there and it brings you to this red logon screen see its 'red' photo below

Then when you have logged in go to user profile and board preferences and use the settings in picture

The key seems to be the 'board style'. Jprosilver isn't the default but works best with android and chrome.

It works for me so hope it does for you too

Careers UK isnt a 24/7 organisation and the forum is an even smaller part of thatso they aren't ignoring you, just limited resources

Hope this helps


Dear Rebecca

I am one of the volunteer Moderators on this forum and I posted a reply to your first post (scroll to the top of the page). I have highlighted your problem to our IT Department (but they only work weekdays) and hope they can resolve your problem but it would really help them if you could provide answers to the questions I posed.