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Greetings and Salutations - Carers UK Forum

Greetings and Salutations

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello all,

I'm Stuart. I'm 45, live in Cornwall, and am the main carer for the family.

My wife has Ehlers-Danlos, fibromyalgia, and an underactive thyroid.
My oldest has epilepsy and Aspergers
My youngest is autistic.
My middle one also has EDS, though not as advanced as her Mum's.

I have M.E. and T2 diabetes.

I stumbled across the website while researching for grants (there's a writers course I'd like to do in August) and thought it might be a good place to find out new info.
Stuart, hi, and welcome - how desperately desparately sad that ALL your family have such care needs....including yourself....

I do hope you are getting the maximum support to which you are all entitled.

Though there can be little for you to be cheerful about, I hope this forum helps to contribute to the positive, since you have quite enough negative and to spare, in your very, very difficult situation.

How much help and support do you get from any other family (siblings, etc?). Some, at least, I hope....
Hi Stuart

Hoping this reply finds you and yours well and content.

London calling!

Hands pretty full, even for a main carer, so how are you finding having to deal with the Local Authorities in your part of the world? Complex health issues seem to confuse mine. Convenient for them when it comes to funding, as they can ping pong who pays out what for months on end. Pinned them down eventually. Took a couple of years.

What sort of info are you looking for?
Hi Stuart,
I'm 46 and my wife has severe epilepsy so i'm also a carer as well as going to work,.
We have a daughter who's 16 this year, she has shown no signs of epilepsy thankfully.
I'm really sorry to hear of your situation, I know it won't be easy for you plus you have health issues yourself, there should be help out there for you, some years ago we had a care needs and carers assessment done in the home since which we've had a care package provided to us which enables me to continue working.
It makes me angry when people such as yourself should be getting support in the home and nobody tells you.
You sound a remarkable man that looks after his family, stay strong and make sure you fight for what you're entitled to.
If i can help just ask and i will get back to you.