Tell us a bit about yourself here.
For some years now I have been the full time carer for my wife who was diagnosed with MS over fifty years ago and managed to lead a fairly normal life until about fifteen years ago when she became increasingly disabled. I am retired from employment in a multinational business and am a trustee of Action for Carers in Surrey and of my local carers support unit.

Welcome to forum Robert.

Sounds like you're going to have a lot of experiences and knowledge to share with us.
Look forward to getting to know you.

Hi Robert,

Just like to welcome you to the forum!
I know it only early but I'm sure the rest of the carers will be along shortly to say hi!

Take care for now Deb x
hello robert

i do hope that you enjoy being a member of this forum.

yes, i agree with rosemary, sounds like you could be as useful to us, as i hope we are to you.

Just adding my welcome to the forum Robert.

Like the others, I'm sure your experiences will be invaluable to other members, look forward to chatting with you soon.

Paula xx