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Greetings - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Greetings to you all.

I am a full-time Care Giver to an elderly disabled relative who is in poor health. Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed and isolated due to my circumstances and I feel it would be beneficial to converse with other Carers.

After the recent and sudden passing of a valued acquaintance I've been having some sleepless nights. I am rather tired so please forgive me if I end my introduction here.

Thank you,

PS. I think that I maybe entitled to some financial support, perhaps a Carers Allowance.
Hi Hank and welcome to the forum. just off to work so a very quick hello.
Hi Hank, welcome to the forum. If you look at the top of this page, you will see a red tab saying "Help and Advice". It's a shame when people don't claim everything which they are entitled to, caring is a hard job long term. First check that your caree is claiming Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Attendance Allowance. Then you may be entitled to Carers Allowance. You may also be entitled to Employment Support Allowance. Carers UK have a wonderful helpline which has full information on all the rules etc. they made me £50 per week better off!
Hello Hank - warm and sunny welcome to the forum from me too.

Bell x
Hi again,

Thanks for the welcome. I've managed to catch up on some sleep which is a real plus.
I shall look in to that information you mentioned. Much obliged to you.

I've been a Carer for some time now and as I have become rather used to going it all alone it simply never occured to me to reach out. There have been times when things get very stressful and it's good to have found a place where I can get some support.

Until later then,
Yes, caring can certainly be stressful, we are always torn in many different directions. It's important to feel pleased with what we can do, and not beat ourselves up about what we can't.
Greetings to you too, Hank. This is a very caring carers' group, where you'll find plenty of sympathy and understanding even if we're not all in exactly the same sort of circumstances as you are. It's an especially nice place to come if you're not able to get out to local carers' groups.