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GP Surgery ask us to leave because of UNREASONABLE behaviour - Carers UK Forum

GP Surgery ask us to leave because of UNREASONABLE behaviour

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
2 years my husband has had Uncontrolled Epilepsy increasing since November 2009. Our GP of 12 months have refused to accept me as Carer on 4 seperate occasions or document it from Social Services after Care Assessment and Needs Assessments were performed. I get Carers Allowance and have all aids and adaptations to home doors and moving aids. Sliding Sheets / Compressor chair to lift from floor to standing ( amazing)
Double Incontinence aids and support from a superb Epilepsy Nurse, OT and Social Worker.
The only stumbling block has been our GP Administration. I complained last year as our whole care package from them was in chaos. I received two replies from Practice Manager and PALS ( they conflicted ! )
i left well alone until this last two weeks when a receptionist told my husband he was not allowed one of his REPEAT Epileptic medicines because she said he had enough to last him. She read his doses incorrectly but wouldnt listen.
We were 29 days into a prescription of 100 tablets at 4 per day = 25 days worth ! i keep one day spare as he vomits each week.
He has memory loss and he forgets most important things. I did not go to pick it up because i am in great pain due to increase in damage to my spine caring for him.
He went knowing the only one that was important was "Epilim" it was written on a piece of paper and i texted him too. and she told him he had plenty. He came away with drugs we had plenty of and no Epilim.
I am Manic Depressive and lost my temper over the phone. I put an official complaint in and have now been told due to a breakdown in communication we are to seek a new GP.
The problem is that our GP is not a problem- he is superb.
I know the GP legalities of unacceptable behaivour and i cannot understand how someone can make a mistake who is not trained to prescribe YET can take off medicines from a repeat- And we get penalised for it. I am now unable to take this further as my husband said we wont bother them any more !!!
I hurt no one, i did not abuse the person verbally or swear all i did was question and request more information...........!
Has any carer had this problem before ?
Hi Amanda and welcome.
Sorry, no advice to offer except could you get back to whoever you complained to and ask them to explain the decision?
hi amanda
so sorry to hear about the way you were treated. get in contact with you local mp and explain what happend. the treatmeant you recieved is out of order and in direct conflict with the dissabilty discrimination act 2010 hope this helps
Thank you Myrtle and Gary Mepham
I am grateful for your input . Andy and i have agreed we cannot afford the mental strain of taking it further and are already armed with new GP request forms. We have found a GP online that is at the next building to the one we have now, if he will agree to take over our care. It means Andy knows where it is and the chemist is still only around the corner.
Just knowing that it conflicts with the Discrimination Act 2010 is enough. It means at least i can go to a new GP with open heart and trust knowing that losing my temper was because of their treatment of us and whist i agree it was not the right way to deal with them, it happened.
Andy went to see the Practice Manager on Friday after her letter and he says she told him the receptionist HAD made a mistake and she was having problems with her receptionists. She did not offer an apology to me and said she would write no more letters if he could assure i did not also .
She also told him he could stay with his GP yet at the end of the conversation she gave him new GP forms. He states he thought she said he could stay.
Ive read that i must be given a warning by the GP in writing about this unacceptable behaivour before there is any mention of removal from the practice. It appears i have not even been afforded this courtesy. I cannot get past the fact that this receptionist removed medication from his script, i would have been disciplined and possibly removed from my role if i had done such a thing. Strict prescribing guidelines ruled us in hospital but outside it appears repeat prescriptions are typed and printed off by receptionists and then one GP signs all without checking them.This information was given to me by phone by another receptionist ! Mine had Controlled Drugs on ! its a scary thought.
We both agree i cannot be his Carer fully with him still registered at that GP surgery. I cannot however stay as i am fearful of anything going wrong and not being able to ask.
This led to a dreadful row on Friday between myself and Andy who then suffering 2 seizures in close succession. I just dont know how to or have stength to fight them. I didnt think i would need to fight anyone with regards to his Care and mine, i trusted the GP and their surgery.
What i am afraid of now is will the new GP be told of this incident and will it be on our records?
Do we have to tell the new GP why we are moving?
This is not how i ever treated my patients and their families as i was a senior nurse in the past !
This world is a horrible place to be unwell in.
Kindness and Frienship - Mandy Read
just read your post . For a start no receptionists can take any-thing of your prescription only the doctor can do that , your husband needs that medication and if he used more in one month than he should then that should not be a problem . We had two receptionists who were like that , wanted to know why we had to see the doctor and why we were down there so much , I politly told them it was nothing to do with them .
They have since been moved on ( sacked ) , I must admit we have a good repore with all at our surgery and they will always fit you in to see somebody , they know the job I do and they know lyns complaints that is wroung with her . My advise is stick to your guns and stay where you are , good luck Image Image Image
I cant believe what I'm reading. I have the luxury of not dealing with these people any
more, only for myself now. My mum was on over 20tabs a day plus injections, . these
receptionists are like mini Hitler's , they give doc's a bad name. Maybe an idea to, look into a
friendlier chemist who would take over, pick up and delivery of scripts, for you. if possible.
It's a pity there are not more old school nurses like you now. It's very scary, if you fall ill nowadays.
take care
Sorry - ive not looked at my own posts , more interested in getting to know the people on this forum. I thank you for your support and i will always wear it Image Image

Im teasing but thanks really - its good to know im not a horrible person who abuses receptionists because i enjoy it ......although i was getting to the point where i would pick on anything just to get their attention.

We didnt stick to our guns- we couldnt use the one next door because one of the receptionists worked there for a few hours a week too.
We found one only a few mins away - opp direction. In one week the head receptionist of 3 called Angela registered us without forms online so instant registration, found on the second day i was a Registered Carer ( dont know how) and rang me to get more details on why ? who? what level of care did i give and who supported me ?????
Not only that but she contacted social services. She was also dressed in uniform and looked smart and professional.

OMG what a STAR She is big and bubbly and i trusted her as she shook my hand and it was a firm professional grip.
Not a look as if she didnt wish to shake my hand or why i was offering.
She sorted out the nurse to see us right then afternoon and said she would discuss with the chemist in building next door re Andys blisterpacks and my drugs including controlled morphine patches.
She didnt ask why i was moving and i didnt offer the info either.
We are OK with the nurse and BP / Urine / history etc......and now have a doctors appt for us both for 1 hour !!! on friday.
Ive sent her a little thank you card as she has made us both feel welcome and supported.

I am so less stressed now - and that means Andy is less stressed too. In fact i heard him singing while he worked on a bit of his Lambretta last weekend, a sound ive not heard for over 18 months.

Not all of them are bad - im pleased to say. Thank you Mandy
Hi minnie

Thank you
You are right they abuse their power and in my line of work would have been a great danger to others. Yet they are led by Practice Managers who fiercely support their staff in place of the patient. Its a totally alien concept to me as i was always the "Patients Advocate" first second third and final every time.
20 meds plus , you must have had problems too in the past.
i read the guidelines for prescribing by the BMA ( British Medical Association) esp the ones for Repeat Prescribing.
It is specific Image

All doctors writing and signing repeat prescriptions must set aside time to sit in a quiet place with access to computer that provides patient only information to check each patients drugs are correct.
The person whose name appears on the prescription should be contacted prior to reissue of any repeat with unusual dosing of any drug.
This must be checked on the patients files to ensure all drugs are correct for that person.
Once signed you are bound by this signature as authorising the continuing/ removal and addition of all/any drugs Image

This doesnt happen, a doctor whips thru them and signs without checking ..........i wish id taken a copy of the prescription and the online order i made with specifics.
Interesting stuff isnt it , wish id had less stress then as id have looked this up BEFORE the problem had occurred.

The new chemist is also excellent - her name is Heather and she is very sweet. She has taken time out next Monday to go through all the drugs with us to see if any problems and if there problems what she will do to help. She did say there is one drug in Andrews new blisterpacks that shouldnt be in. It degrades over 5-7 days leaving them chalky inside losing potency !!!!!!! its one of his Anti Epileptic and a big dose too.
They gave us a months worth that are now useless. They are coated but i broke one easily yesterday and it fell apart - it shouldnt >

So all in all not quite the outcome we wanted but much happier and very thrilled at being cared for properly. The new GP surgery and chemist did their job with ease , and were very friendly into the bargain.
Im thrilled with them , now i dont have to worry , i too can call if i need them.
WoW Mandy xxx
Great news that things have been sorted , there are some decent people about who understand our plight , and you both feel better is also good news , so take care glad to have supported you Image Image
Just seen in our local paper the doctors surgery has put a big advert about flu jabs , it also has a section about carers and the people they care for , they can have there jab done on a saturday morning , it just goes to show that our surgery and staff respect the carers within the community . Image Image