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good morning everyone - Carers UK Forum

good morning everyone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Michael,is the name a 71 year old carer for my wife and have been since 1997, when she came out of Hospital after an R.T.A , which has left her with slight Brain damage,blind in the left eye minimal use of her left arm and legs that are held together by rods,although she can walk with a stick albeit not far.

I have joined this forum just because someone somewhere has to get through to the people at the top just how important carers and caring is to those who are less fortunate than themselves, because as it is at this moment in time people in Authority do not care.

thanking you for your time
hello michael

and welcome Image

Good morning Michael. Welcome to the forum. Image

I am Alex, I'm 20 and a law student. I'm a ful time carer for my fiance who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis.

The Carers Review has been published, once again the government have failed to listen to what Carers need. We need to think of ideas to get through to these people!!
Welcome Michael,

I have said all along the government have not got a clue.

Would they employ someone to drive a bus without a licence? NO

Well the MP`s should have a first hand knowledge of life in the real world so they understand what it is like to decide whether to eat or be warm in the winter, and the countless other problems poverty brings.

Sometime ago I suggested a swap with an MP, similar to the documentery done some years ago with the MP living on basic benefits for a week, but I was promptly put in my place as no-one could suggest an MP they would be happy to leave their caree with!!

Their latest idea to help carers into work..............what do they think we do 24/7. ?? Even if the opportunity were to arise that I had nothing to do but go to bed and sleep for eight hours at any one time my body can not do it anymore.......I have cat-napped now so long I think I must miaoo instead of yawn.

We are very lucky here in the Highlands with a caring MP who does understand the life a carer has and his wife is a local councillor, but one voice in the House of Parliament usually goes unheard.

Take care