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Good morning everyone - Carers UK Forum

Good morning everyone

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Im Georgie and im a carer for a teenage child with autism.
I also care for two adult children,one with aspergers and the other one has a mh condition.
so....my life can be very "interesting"at times Image
ive joined carers uk for a few reasons really,to get support,to hopefully give support and also im very interested in fighting for peoples rights.
i usually try to stay positive but this wanes sometimes in the face of bigotry/discrimanation.
so,instead of sitting there moaning about it,ive decided to do something about it and try and get involved in a few things and this is my first step.


I have a child with aspergers and biploar and another with c.p. Welcome to the site. Have you been in contact with the autism support network or the national autistic society? I live in Oxfordshire and the one here is brilliant...I would have gone near insane without the support they have helped me with.
Good on you Georgie for getting stuck in Image
There's a section on campaigning where people can keep up to date on the latest news and developments about carers rights etc. and I can see why you want to do it. Peoples' lack of understanding about carers is ridiculous sometimes Image so I can also see why you can't always stay positive, so this forum is also a good place to be to keep in good spirits. We're a nice crowd here and I look forward to seeing you around Image
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum, we have a 17 year old with aspergers.

Thankyou very much everyone Image
btw i love the caption at the bottom of your post Sparklingtechie

Hi Georgie and welcome Image
Hi Georgie,

yes life with ASD in the family can make things interesting Image

I care for S, he is 20 and has classic autism. It seems to be one battle after another, advocating for his needs to be met.

Thankyou Myrtle Image
and Thankyou Melly Image ....yes,it is one battle after another isnt it.the biggest battle i feel ive had is [apart from fighting for everything for my child/children]to stop being treated/seen as a "non person"!

Hi Georgie,
Your spot on about being seen as a non person. a lot of us have felt that.
Warm welcome to the forum. You are amongst good people here.