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Good afternoon lovely people - Carers UK Forum

Good afternoon lovely people

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone. New girl here. I've been in the forum for a couple of days and have only just scratched the surface of the advice available but I wanted to say hello.
So, I'm here due to a chain of events that led first to me becoming a carer so I'm told Image ( without realising it) and then according to my GP who has a decent sense of humour.. straining my caring muscle Image
About a year and a half ago my partner had a nervous breakdown, that's what I call it. It was work related in the instance and with good reason. Anyway, read severe depression, panic, social phobias, anxiety and a blast of I.B.S from hell. We got through the very worst and it was bad, but now we are stuck. Stuck in a holding pattern where I'm getting a maximum of 50 words a day if I'm lucky. Stuck without any further diagnosis and I think there may be underlying issues here. Stuck in my mum's spare room because we lost our home, daily trying to bridge the gap between mum's way of doing things( awesome lady, elderly, kind, eccentric and drives me absolutely nuts on a daily basis ) and what's left of us. Oh did I mention I've got mobility ( I'm a two stick wonder), breathing and minor stomach problems Image
So, I am getting some counselling for my own depression and anxiety now, I thought maybe one of us should, and I am looking for ways forward. I'll be slowly reading all the advice already available here and maybe asking some questions. Glad to be here amongst what I can already see are some sincerely inspiring people. Have a good day if you can guys Image
You are having a tough time, glad you are having your own counselling, must be hard living with your Mum again, love my Mum to bits but would find it nigh on impossible to share a kitchen etc.
Hope you are both able to find somewhere soon of your own, maybe part of only getting 50 words a day is the loss of own space for both of you, no idea of your ages so don't know if this is anything to think of, he was working and now lost a lot of his dignity and independence? Not that helps you as you have lost too and have to take on the caring role, how good is your GP to talk to?
I am fairly new too a couple of weeks, have browsed through a lot of the forum and had some laughs and tears. Some of the posts are quite old but fun to read and there is nothing new under the sun, it has happened to someone on this forum, very reassuring in a good way.
You need to look after you, my GP told me not to be too hard on myself, its not your fault!!!!! Image
Hi sisteel, welcome!
Have you tried sitting down and working out what the three things which are worst for you, in order? Is it the lack of communication, your own home, your health, his health, the future? This may take a lot of thinking about, and reshuffling, but it might help focus your energy. I've been a "two stick wonder" too, the only good part was being able to park near the shop in a dedicated parking spot thanks to my blue badge! Caring when you have mobility problems makes everything so very much harder. Have you had your own "needs assessment" from Social Services. They should also do a "Carers Assessment" for you as well, and offer you support.
Hey Chickenlady, Frito and Bowlingbun. Thanks for the welcome. It's taken me a few hectic days to get back here, apologies for that.
Chickenlady-loss of space is a massive problem, sticking a six foot three chap in this boxy little house.. but it was the only place he would go other than hospital care, he was so frightened and I'm not sure he's ready to leave yet. Meanwhile yup, the kitchen is tough and bathroom a nightmare. Oh, we are in our forties and have been together a long time, mum her seventies by the way. She has been very reliant on me mentally since my dad was killed seven years ago. One things for sure, we do it her way here, we are pretty good guests Image
Bowlingbun- nail on head, that's why I'm going to counselling, I'm losing focus and my ability to judge what's to be done, what I should push for, in what order. I'm working through a lot of stuff myself too, it's not going to be quick.
Again, thanks for the welcome.
Hi and welcome, Sisteel.
Hi Sisteel,
and welcome

Phoebe xx
Thanks Koala, thanks phoebe Image It's super to get these welcomes. Well, here comes the week !