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New member intro - Carers UK Forum

New member intro

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have been a full-time carer now for over 10 years. I am 72, my wife is 60. She turned the tables on me well and truly - no chance of a young(ish) wife to look after me in my declining years, I look after her! We have been together now for almost 34 years (and they said it wouldn't last), and she suffers from Secondary Progressive MS, which now means that I have to do everything for her - even to crossing her legs to get her comfy.
There is no doubt in my mind that having to do such an intensive job has kept me both mentally and physically well - tho' I am an asthmatic, arthritic old gimmer, who is gently falling apart at the seams, the knowledge that what I do I probably do better than a "professional" helps enormously.
My wife is now watching Emerdale & Corrie (both I hate) so I can get some time on the computer.
Hobbies - little time, but I am a member of Ancestry, and trying to fill up my tree - tho' a little frustrated as a G.Granddad came from N Wales, and was called Jones! There are a Hell of a lot there to choose from.
Respite - not a lot, 4 hours a week from Council, which I have to use for shopping, don't like leaving my wife long on her own to do it any other time. Also local Health Authority has a designated unit for respite, tho there is a real danger that it will be closed "to provide care nearer to home, or in the home". In short we want to save money, and carers are the easiest target - I cannot see how high dependency care can be supplied - I don't think it will. Then I'll be on my own, and probably not last more than 2 or 3 years.
I do seem to have gone on a bit, anyway, that is more or less me.
Roy Holdsworth.
Hello Roy.

Welcome to the site.

Lots of friendly people here. You talk away, great site for chatting to people in similar situations.

I care for my 9 yr old who has Autism .

Tracey x
hi roy i look after my wife she as ms and copd she as terminal emphersima send me a message if you like i will get back Image Image
Hi Roy and welcome,

The govt don't have enough foresight to realise all their cuts to carers and the disabled that are coming at us from all angles will ultimately cost them more because they are not looking after one of their greatest and most economic resources - unpaid and highly capable carers.

Hi Roy,

Nice to meet you. Im new to the site too and everyone seems really friendly and supportive.

My situations a bit different because I'm caring for children but the issues with local authorities etc affect us all pretty much the same so I know where you're coming from. They're all so short sighted and I really don't know how we change that.

I think a lot more people would care at home for much longer if they were offered a bit more support and respite.

Blessings to you

hello and welcome